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Neymar & Paredes answer Delort after 'showboating' accusations

6:33 AM IST 02/02/20
Neymar PSG 01 02 2020
The pair used Instagram to respond to the Algeria international, who had alleged Neymar goes over the top with his tricks

Neymar and Leandro Paredes had the final word over Montpellier's Andy Delort following Paris Saint-Germain's 5-0 thrashing of Montpellier on Saturday. 

In the build-up to the weekend clash, Delort had moved to raise temperatures by singling out the South American duo. 

He had strong criticism for Neymar, claiming the Brazilian did not need to "mock opponents" by showboating, which according to Delort he was guilty of towards the end of the two sides'last meeting

“Whether it's Neymar or someone else, whatever, he's just a man, even if he's an extraordinary player. He doesn't need to mock his opponents," he said to Le Parisien.

“He won 3-1 at the Mosson and scored an amazing free-kick, that was good, but I told him off for his somewhat arrogant attitude. It was important for me to tell him in front of his face.”

Midfielder Paredes also found himself as the target of Delort's scorn before the game kicked off. 

“[Is Parc des Princes] a special trip? Personally I don't care one bit,” he said. “You just have the certainty of facing great players in a full stadium – it stops there. We'll see how he (Neymar) looks at me," he added.

“I'm not afraid of anyone but the worst of the lot in Paris is Paredes. He insults everyone on the pitch despite the fact his name is Paredes, not Neymar.”

Neymar, Paredes and Co. responded with a dominant performance to move further ahead of closest rivals Marseille in the Ligue 1 standings ahead of l'OM's clash with Bordeaux on Sunday. 

And the pair had a message for the Algeria international once hostilities had ceased. 

"A hug for our friend," Neymar posted on Instagram after the game as he shared a photo alongside Paredes holding Delort's shirt. 

"I went a bit far," the player recognised to reporters. 

"I never said [Neymar] was not a great player. We saw it tonight, he is a great player who technically makes the difference. 

"I'm not playing against Paris now, so we will try to stop talking about Neymar. I have the impression something crazy happened there."