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'Whatever happens, I'm committed' - Klopp unfazed by Liverpool takeover talk and says situation is different to Chelsea

4:53 AM IST 10/11/22
Jurgen Klopp Liverpool 2022
Jurgen Klopp insists he is committed to Liverpool despite suggestions Reds owners FSG are looking to sell the club.
  • FSG say they are seeking fresh investment
  • Klopp signed four-year deal in April
  • Says situation is not like Chelsea's

WHAT HAPPENED? After Liverpool's Carabao Cup third round win over Derby on Wednesday night, Klopp was asked about stories that had surfaced earlier this week suggesting that the club had been put up for sale by FSG, who released a statement confirming that they were open to new investment after more than 12 years at the helm. The Reds boss denied that the situation was similar to Chelsea's takeover by the Todd Boehly/Clearlake consortium earlier this year.

WHAT THEY SAID: Klopp told reporters: “[It has] no impact at all. Pep [Lijnders] said pretty much everything in the press conference. We knew about it a bit longer, their thoughts, and I don't 100% understand why we all [say] it gets sold. What I read was they are looking for investors and that makes sense. A good idea, I like that.

"It didn't distract the preparation at all. The players didn't ask me but if they want to ask me I can tell them everything. For me it means nothing. Whatever happens, I really like how we work together with our owners but if that would change I'm committed to the club obviously. As far as I know they are looking for investors and I thought that makes sense."

On the comparisons with Chelsea, Klopp added: “First and foremost Chelsea got sold, that's how I understand it. They (FSG) are looking for investors. The situation is completely different: Chelsea had to get sold because their owner was in trouble. Let me sum it up like this, there was a bit of urgency in the situation. We don't have that here – not at all.

"For me is it important while the process – whatever it is - is happening we keep going and keep planning.

"In the moment, nothing happened. It is just news which we knew and no-one had a heart attack when we go the news and thought 'Oh my God, how can we carry on?'. It's a decision and it's fine. We work really close together with FSG, it was a great relationship until now and it will not change.

"Whatever happens, we will see and we will deal with it."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: It is understood that FSG have brought banking giants Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley on board to assist with their search for new investment, though it remains to be seen whether they will pursue an outright sale or look to sell a minority stake in the club.


WHAT NEXT FOR LIVERPOOL? The Reds face their final game before the World Cup pause when they host Southampton in the Premier League on Saturday.