'Imagine that at a Champions League final - crazy!' - Liverpool boss Klopp calls for answers after Paris chaos

Liverpool fans Champions League finalGetty/GOAL

Jurgen Klopp has revealed that his family were caught up in the chaos which engulfed Liverpool fans at the Champions League final.

The Reds boss described the scenes at the Stade de France, in which supporters were tear gassed by police, crushed in dangerous queues and then attacked by gangs of local youths outside the stadium, as “crazy”, and said that UEFA and the French authorities must work to ensure a repeat does not occur in the future.

Klopp’s side lost the final 1-0 to Real Madrid, thus missing out on a seventh European Cup triumph, but the night’s football was overshadowed significantly by the troubles suffered by both sets of supporters in Paris.

What did Klopp say about the Champions League final chaos?

Speaking to reporters for the first time since May, Klopp said: “The situation outside, I heard first hand from my family because they were in the middle of everything. 

“They texted me before the game: ‘we are in, good luck’, and stuff like this but they were [still] pretty much one-and-a-half hours away from being in the stadium.

“What happened to them happened to everyone, pretty much. Two or three people I spoke to were lucky, they got in [quickly] and were waiting. But then there were all the issues through the game, with people sitting on seats next to them [that weren’t theirs]. They were looking at them like ‘what are you doing here?’.

“There was not one Liverpool supporter in the wrong spot. There were a lot of spots occupied definitely by people without tickets, but they were not Liverpool supporters.

“This is pretty much the story everyone told, everyone had this experience. I think I knew 50 people inside the stadium, and 47 people told me exactly the same story. That is what I heard. That is obviously not how it should be.”

‘Imagine that at the Champions League final - crazy!’

For Liverpool fans, Paris provided a nightmare ending to what had otherwise been a remarkable season. 

Defeat on the pitch was added to by disorder off it, with dozens of supporters suffering injury and trauma. More than 9000 submitted witness statements to Liverpool, detailing their experiences in and around the stadium. 

“In the end, it felt for them – and they are passionate Liverpudlians – that the smallest problem we had that night was that we lost the game,” Klopp said. “Imagine that at the Champions League final. Crazy!”

Told that for many fans, the chaos had taken the shine off what was, by any measure, a wonderful season for the Reds, Klopp said: “I understand that, I understand it absolutely.

“For me, it’s not the last memory of the season to be honest. Mine is the bus tour, which was outstanding. But I was not outside the stadium, trying to get in. 

He added: “I’m 100 percent sure that nobody made a mistake intentionally. It’s not that everyone thought: ‘ah, pfft, who cares how supporters get in?’ But the mistakes still happened and now we have to sort it.  

“We all know how beautiful Paris is and the big events they have got coming up in the next few years. But these kinds of things need to be sorted and clarified, definitely. First and foremost for the reason that it cannot happen again. 

“I think we were really lucky that more did not happen. We have to make sure it does not happen again at all.”

What have UEFA said about events at the Stade de France?

In the immediate aftermath of the final, UEFA, who had initially and incorrectly blamed the disorder on ‘the late arrival of supporters’, announced that it would launch a full, independent investigation into events in Paris.

It will be chaired by Dr Tiago Brandao Rodrigues, formerly the Portuguese education minister, with its initial findings due for release in September, ahead of the publication of a full report in November.

The French senate, meanwhile, is expected to release a public report on July 13, with calls growing for a full parliamentary investigation. 

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