How do you watch football?

We all know you love watching football, but which TV Brand is your favourite?

Most of us don't get to go to our favourite teams’ game every weekend. So, we are forced to settle for a local hotspot or the comfort of our own couch to see the action.

So which device we use to watch football is important. 

Have you embraced modernity and now stream your football or are you a traditional TV fan?

What home entertainment brand's do you like? How can they enhance this experience? 

Please answer these questions and more in a very short survey.

1. What Devices do you follow sport on?
2. What Sports content do you engage with?
3. What Sports content would you be interested in seeing more of?
4. How strongly do you associate these brands with Football?
5. Are you thinking of buying a new TV in the next 12 months?
6. Which of these brands would you consider buying a TV from?
7. Which of these factors do you consider when buying a new TV?
8. What statement best describes your opinion of Samsung?
9. Do you use TV Apps?
10. Would you use TV apps for sport?
11. Do you follow young up and coming football stars?
12. Why do you follow young footballers?