Watch: Benfica star Yaremchuk gives emotional interview after Champions League win, saying 'my friends fight in Ukraine, I fight on the pitch'

Roman Yaremchuk Benfica 2021-22Getty Images

Benfica star Roman Yaremchuk says that he will fight for Ukraine on the pitch, following his side's progression to the Champions League quarter-finals, as his country remains in the grip of invasion by Russia.

The Portuguese outfit beat Ajax to book their place in the last eight on Tuesday, as the Ukraine international continues to contend with the fallout in his home country amid the ongoing crisis.

Speaking afterwards, Yaremchuk paid tribute to his countrymen back home and emotionally stated he would do the best that he could for them on the pitch elsewhere in Europe.

Watch: Yaremchuk's emotional interview

What did Yaremchuk say?

"You know this is so difficult for me but I am a professional," Yaremchuk told BT Sport.

"I need to fight here, fight on the pitch. My friends fight in Ukraine, my people fight in Ukraine and I need to fight here.

"I cannot fight there but I can fight here on the pitch. I do everything what I can. Obviously I think so much about the situation."

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