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Arsenal tickets: prices, package deals, membership & season ticket information

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With the latest Premier League campaign already underway, football fans can look forward to the usual plethora of terrific finishes, superb touches and big upsets this term. With plenty of time to snap up a ticket and catch a game, who better than one of the expected frontrunners Arsenal?

Mikel Arteta's side head into the new season with launching another assault on the Premier League title. It's also a season that sees the Gunners back in

But how can you get your hands on tickets to see the Gunners during their run-in, and catch history in the making? Let GOAL inform you what options you have for seeing Arsenal play over the rest of the Premier League season.

Upcoming Arsenal tickets for sale and ticket prices

The 2023-24 season is up and running, and there are plenty of competitive matches for fans to watch to catch Arsenal play at the Emirates Stadium. Below, you can find their upcoming home fixtures and how much they’ll roughly cost.

One of the most decorated clubs of the Premier League era - and the only team to famously go a season unbeaten - Arsenal has few to compare with since the turn of the millennium.

Across their time in the top flight, they have amassed three Premier League titles, all under the guidance of the legendary Arsene Wenger, and have been involved in some of modern football’s greatest matches.

Their third and most recent triumph, in 2003-04, saw them finish the league season unbeaten, earning them the nickname The Invincibles and a place in the game’s history.

From stars of yesteryear, such as Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Sol Campbell, through to new generation talents like Bukayo Saka, Aaron Ramsdale and Ben White, there’s no shortage of legendary players to have worn the badge.

Where better to touch history - and help make it - than the Emirates Stadium then? Built to replace the club’s old home at Highbury, Arsenal have seen FA Cup success during their time here, but never the biggest British prize of all.

With a variety of tickets to choose from at the Emirates Stadium, here are the types you can get, from season tickets to individual matchday tickets, to hospitality options.

Arsenal season ticket: benefits, prices and availability

An Arsenal season ticket is the only guaranteed way to ensure you can be there for every home game at the Emirates Stadium during a Premier League season. It guarantees you a reserved seat and a spot in the stands for all the action.

Prices are yet to be officially revealed for the 2023-24 season, but the club have confirmed there will be an increase on the cost of a 2022-23 season ticket.

During the 2022-23 campaign, prices for the club’s Gold option - their standard season ticket membership - started at £926.50 in the Family Enclosure and rose up to £1,839.00 in the Centre Upper.

Do note, however, that season tickets are not currently available for new members, and that those wishing to purchase will have to join the club’s waiting list for a spot at the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal matchday tickets: categories and prices

There is a range of categories and prices available for Arsenal matchday tickets at the Emirates Stadium, ranging from low two-figure numbers to the three-figure range. Below, you can find a breakdown of the varying prices available:

Upper TierAdultY.AdultCannonAdult Y.Adult Cannon AdultY.AdultCannon
Category A Category B Category C
Centre upper£131.00£98.25£56.25£56.00£56.50£32.50£53.00£39.75£22.75
Centre upper back£99.00£74.25£42.50£43.00£43.00£24.75£40.00£30.00£17.25
Next to centre upper£99.00£74.25£42.50£43.00£43.00£24.75£40.00£30.00£17.25
Next to centre upper back£87.00£65.25£37.50£38.25£38.25£22.00£35.50£26.50£15.25
Wing upper £87.50£65.25£35.50£38.25£38.25£22.00£35.50£26.50£15.25
Wing upper back £77.00£57.75£33.00£33.25£33.25£19.00£31.50£23.50£13.50
Corner upper£87.00£65.25£37.50£38.25£38.25£22.00£35.50£26.50£15.25
Goal Upper£93.00£69.75£40.00£40.50£40.50£23.25£38.00£28.50£16.25
Goal upper back £77.00£57.75£33.00£33.25£33.25£19.00£31.50£23.50£13.50
Lower TierAdultY.AdultCannonAdultY.AdultCannonAdultY.AdultCannon
Category A Category B Category C
Centre lower£73.00£54.75£31.25£41.50£31.00£17.50£29.50£22.00£12.75
Wing lower£66.00£49.50£28.25£38.00£28.50£16.25£27.00£20.25£11.50
Corner lower£66.00£49.50£28.25£38.00£28.50£16.25£27.00£20.25£11.50
Goal lower £66.00£49.50£28.25£38.00£28.50£16.25£27.00£20.25£11.50


Where can I stay around Emirates Stadium?

There are several hotels for visitors to stay around the Emirates Stadium and across wider London.

The interactive map below shows what is available within the immediate vicinity of the ground, although the city's public transport system will present easy options for travel if further afield.

Where can I buy Arsenal hospitality tickets?

A range of hospitality options and VIP packages await fans at the Emirates Stadium, with plenty to choose from to make your trip a luxurious matchday experience.

Season ticket holders can ensure their presence at every game with a Platinum membership, offering access to every competitive first-team fixture, along with a complimentary matchday programme and half-time drink.

For those seeking a one-off upgrade, The Academy and Club Arsenal offer a casual dress experience on the stadium’s Club Level, while The Avenell caters specifically for paired guests, adding a little bit of stardust to date night.

Executive Box options, in 10, 12 or 15-seater configurations, give you the chance to impress with a coterie of guests in your own private environment, while the Matchball option allows you to interact with Arsenal players past and present around your gameday experience.

With seven packages to choose from, ranging from the casual Academy set through the top-of-the-line Club VIP, where you get to hang with some Gunners legends, there's something for everyone in their selection.

To find the best deals on Arsenal's hospitality packages, Travelzoo offers a wide range of promotions for fans to make the most out of their match-day experience. Travelzoo sources the top deals, no matter what experience you are looking for, thanks to its partnerships with over 5,000 top travel suppliers.

For more on hospitality at the Emirates, check out our guide to Arsenal hospitality tickets here.

When do Arsenal hospitality tickets go on sale?

Arsenal typically release their hospitality tickets for sale several weeks before each match. It's important to keep an eye on the relevant sites, or even consider signing up to their newsletters, to stay up-to-date on when tickets will be available for purchase.

By planning ahead and acting quickly, you can ensure that you don't miss out.

How can I check availability?

When it comes to purchasing tickets to watch Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, it is important to remember there are multiple channels, though some are more efficient than others.

The easiest way to obtain tickets is from the official Arsenal website. However, second-hand tickets will be available on the resale market, and on rare occasions, you may be able to purchase them from an official vendor in-person, such as at a club shop.

How much do tickets to Arsenal matches cost?

There are multiple tiers to the pricing structure at the Emirates Stadium for Arsenal matches, and it is important to know the variety available.

Prices are divided initially between domestic and European games, with the latter seeing a marginal increase on other fixtures. Beyond that, seats are broken down by their stand location. For example, seats in the Lower Tier are distinctly cheaper than those in the Upper Tier.

Below, you can see a stadium map of the Emirates Stadium and the varied sections you can select.

Arsenal Gabriel Jesus Odegaard Getty Images

Remember, make sure to weigh the pros and cons of both your seating preferences with your budget. Want the best view in the house? The Centre Upper is where it is at. Fancy being behind the posts? Goal Lower will get you closest to the net.

Can I buy Arsenal tickets without a membership?

In order to purchase an official ticket through the club to see Arsenal play at the Emirates Stadium, you must be a member of the club.

There are several brackets of memberships, ranging from adult options to those for juniors. Each comes with additional perks and privileges depending on the membership purchased.

Fans are offered a range of benefits from priority access to tickets, to a discount in the club shop. Please note, though, membership is closed for the current season, though you can apply for the 23-24 campaign.


  • Red: £34


  • Cannon: £30
  • Young Guns: £20
  • Team JGS: £20 (Full) / £15 (Lite)
  • Welcome To Our World: £30

Choose your membership at arsenal.com/memebership

How can I get an Arsenal season ticket?

Right now, you cannot purchase season tickets for Arsenal’s 2023-24 campaign, due to overwhelming demand.

You can, however sign up to the club’s waiting list, which will offer you the chance to purchase a season ticket for a future campaign when they become available.

How can I buy Arsenal away tickets?

You can purchase Arsenal away tickets from the club’s official website, just as you would for home matches. You will still need an Arsenal membership to do so however.

You can also explore purchasing tickets from the club website of their opponent, though you will likely need to be a member there too, making it particularly ineffective as a cost-saving measure.

How hard is it to get Arsenal football match tickets?

Due to high demand, it is not that easy to get your hands on Premier League tickets for Arsenal matches, with only a finite pool of seats available for each game.

Unsurprisingly, that can lead many fans to head to resale sites such as stubhub.co.uk in their efforts to bag tickets, though even then, it is not a foregone conclusion.

The best way to get tickets for Arsenal matches is to ensure you have a membership and then plan in advance to see where you may have the best chance of obtaining a ticket.

How do I buy cheap Arsenal tickets?

The best way to buy cheap Arsenal tickets is to purchase from the club’s official website, looking for tickets in the more cost-friendly portions of the Emirates Stadium.

Second-hand resale sites such as stubhub.com may also offer cheap tickets at short notice, with prices likely to be at their lowest the closer to the game you get.

Be aware, however that tickets can often be inflated or sold for above the retail price depending on demand.

What is the best way to travel to Emirates Stadium?

The best way to travel to the Emirates Stadium is by public transportation, with multiple stops on the London Underground offering easy access to the ground.

For fans headed to the north of the venue, Arsenal - on the Piccadilly line - is the closest and is accessed via the Ken Friar bridge, while Highbury and Islington - on the Victoria bridge -is for fans arriving at the south side.

Holloway Road is closer to the stadium, but is strictly entry-only ahead of matches and exit-only afterwards in order to assist with crowd control.

Can I book a tour for Emirates Stadium?

You can indeed book a tour around the Emirates Stadium. There are several websites across the internet that offer deals and discounts on tours around the home of the Gunners.

Arsenal's official website and sites like RedLetterDays currently offer stadium tours from £30 for one adult through £45 for one adult and one child. The tour runs most days around fixtures, and comes with access to the Arsenal Museum, as well as a branded certificate of attendance to commemorate your trip.

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