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Apple TV+ Friday Night Baseball: How to watch MLB on Apple TV+

They say there's no game like baseball, and there's nothing quite like it on a Friday night, either. Friday Night Baseball has been an institution for MLB for as long as many can remember - and now, it forms the cornerstone of Apple TV+'s coverage of the sport.

Coverage debuted on the streamer during the 2022 season as part of a seven-year contract with MLB for the rights. It is among the most popular events shown on the service, with plenty tuning in to see and catch their favorites in action.

With the 2024 MLB campaign rumbling onwards, now has never been a better time to get yourself set up with a package and watch all the action to kick-start your weekend - but what can you expect on Friday Night Baseball? Is it worth it for newcomers? How much will it cost per month?

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Below, GOAL answers all these questions and more as we walk you through our guide to Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+.

How to watch Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+

In order to watch Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+, you must have an Apple TV+ subscription. The streamer offers two monthly packages - a base option, priced from just $9.99 per month, or an option that adds on MLS, Apple TV+ MLS, priced at $14.99 per month.

Each season, 50 live games are shown in the Friday Night Baseball block on Apple TV+, along with full-game replays for those who want to watch games back to their desire. Additionally, Apple TV+ boasts a range of bespoke additional shows and programming related to MLB content.

Apple TV+ subscription plans

PlanPriceFree trialMLB Content
Apple TV+$9.99 per month7 days 50 live games, full-game replays, 20+ MLB shows.
Apple TV+ MLS$14.99 per month7 days50 live games, full-game replays, 20+ MLB shows.

Is Apple TV+ worth it for MLB fans?

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In a nutshell, yes. Apple TV+ already boasts an affordable price, even at the higher subscription tier, which sets it in firm competition with plenty of its rivals, and Friday Night Baseball frequently features some of the marquee games fans want to see each week.

Throw in a library of additional sports and entertainment content, and a subscription to Apple TV+ can offer an all-round increase on your entertainment options.

2024 Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+ schedule

With plenty of action on Apple TV+ across the first half of the year, GOAL has handily compiled a guide to upcoming fixtures and matches set to be shown on Friday Night Baseball over the coming months, which you can find below:

GaneDateTime (ET)
Cardinals at MetsFriday, April 267:10 p.m.
Rays at White SoxFriday, April 267:40 p.m.
Blue Jays at NationalsFriday, May 36:45 p.m.
Giants at PhilliesFriday, May 36:40 p.m.
Diamondbacks at OriolesFriday, May 107:05 p.m.
Royals at AngelsFriday, May 109:38 p.m.
Rays at Blues JaysFriday, May 177.07 p.m
Twins at GuardiansFriday, May 177.10 p.m
Brewers at Red SoxFriday, May 247.10 p.m
Orioles at White SoxFriday, May 247.40 p.m
Tigers at Red SoxFriday, May 317.10 p.m
Angels at MarinersFriday, May 3110.10 p.m
Twins at PiratesFriday, June 76.40 p.m
Dodgers at YankeesFriday, June 77.05 p.m
Angels at GiantsFriday, June 1410.15 p.m
Rangers at MarinersFriday, June 1410.10 p.m
Diamondbacks at PhilliesFriday, June 216.40 p.m
Braves at YankeesFriday, June 217.05 p.m
Astros at MetsFriday, June 287.10 p.m
Padres at Red SoxFriday, June 287.10 p.m

What other MLB content is available on Apple TV+?

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Aside from their regular Friday Night Baseball programming, Apple TV+ offers a wide selection of additional shows and content focused on the sport, primarily listed in tandem with MLB coverage throughout the season.

They include MLB Daily Recap, a show that covers the significant events that unfold both on and off the field around the sport; Countdown to First Pitch, which offers the run-in to their broadcasts on Friday nights; and a series of historical documentary films that recap major moments from seasons gone by.

MLB shows on Apple TV+

  • All-Century Team
  • All-Star Highlights
  • Baseball's Seasons
  • Epic Moments
  • Fenway Park: 100 Years
  • Great Games
  • MLB Countdown
  • Play Ball
  • This Week in Baseball
  • Ultimate Lineup
  • World Series Film
  • Wrigley Field: 100 Years


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Is Friday Night Baseball only on Apple TV+?

Friday Night Baseball is only available on Apple TV+, with the streamer purchasing the exclusive rights to show matches through 2028 in the programming block.

The lone exception is that DirecTV subscriptions for commercial enterprises, such as bars, can broadcast matches through Friday Night Baseball as part of a deal with Apple.

Are MLB games free on Apple TV+?

MLB matches shown on Apple TV+ are free to customers with an Apple TV+ subscription. However, they are unavailable to others without, and you still need to pay for your package with the streamer.

During the first year of the Friday Night Baseball deal with Apple TV+, games were shown free-to-air, but the streamer has since placed them behind a paywall.

Does Apple TV+ offer a free trial? 

Apple TV+ offers a free trial, with first-time customers able to enjoy access to the streamer and its content for seven days without charge.

Do I need an Apple TV+ account to watch MLB games?

You will need an Apple TV+ account to watch MLB games, with fixtures now shown behind a paywall operated by the streaming service.

If you already have an Apple TV+ account, you can start watching immediately. If not, you must create one and sign up for AppleTV+ to watch Friday Night Baseball.

On what devices can I watch MLB games on Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ is available to stream across multiple hardware, including Android devices and smart TVs. Download the Apple TV app to any Apple device or third-party system listed below to watch Apple TV+ at your leisure:

  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple TV
  • Android
  • GoogleTV
  • HiSense
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5
  • Prime FireTV
  • Roku
  • Samsung TV
  • Sony TV
  • Xbox One / Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S