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Who are the best FUT Icons in FIFA 21?

Icon players are some of the most popular cards in FIFA Ultimate Team as they can be used in every squad in the game, regardless of what your favourite league or nationality is.

All Icons have a good chemistry link to their team-mates, making them a great addition to any squad.

Using Icons also makes it much easier to make hybrid teams which combine multiple leagues and nationalities in one squad.

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Icons are among the rarest players in FIFA 21 and their prices on the transfer market reflect this.

However, you can still buy Icons at lower budgets and improve your team with some of football's legendary players.

Best low-budget FIFA 21 Icons

There are no Icons available for less than 100k coins in FIFA 21, but some may be purchased for less than 250k.

Michael Owen, Paul Scholes and Michael Laudrup all fall into this category as none of them have more than 90 pace.

The 89-rated version of Fernando Hierro is a very good purchase for less than 250k with a Shadow chemistry style pushing his pace to 91 and his defending attributes to 97.

Argentine midfield duo Juan Roman Riquelme and Juan Sebastian Veron both have Mid Icon cards in this price range and are excellent additions to any team.

Riquelme has great passing and attacking attributes while Veron is an all-round player who will add balance to your midfield.

Premier League fans can buy players like Roy Keane, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard for their teams for less than 250k.

Gerrard, Lampard and Owen, as well as Scholes all are very useable in hybrid squads as their English nationality can link to other popular players like SBC Wayne Rooney and David Beckham.

Best medium-budget FIFA 21 Icons

If you have a higher budget, you can begin shopping for better Icons and versions of your existing Icons with higher ratings.

Some of the game's best players are available for less than 1 million coins and will allow you to compete with some of the super teams you face in FUT Champions.

Peter Schmiechel's Prime Icon Moment version is one of the best goalkeepers in the game, with many people saying he performs better than Team of the Year Manuel Neuer despite being rated 93 compared to Neuer's 96.

The Prime Icon Moment edition of Carles Puyol is also seen as an 'end-game player' - that is, someone you can use until the end of the game when FIFA 22 comes out and never worry about having to find a better replacement.

Alessandro Nesta is another great option at centre-back thanks to his 74 pace rating and his popular nationality that allows you to link with other Italian players.

FIFA 21 Icon XaviEA Sports

The Prime version of Fabio Cannavaro comes in at just under 1 million coins, but has 80 pace, meaning he can chase down many of the fastest forwards in the game.

Many of the Icon players who cost under 1 million have poor pace, but Mexican striker Hugo Sanchez has 92 pace and 93 shooting. The only thing that may let him down is his 4-star weak foot.

The 92-rated Luis Figo also has a pace rating higher than 90 and his nationality makes him the perfect link to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Prime Icon Moment Xavi costs about 2 million, but his Prime version is almost as good for less than half the price. If you add a Maestro or Powerhouse chemistry style card, he becomes a 95-rated central midfielder.

Best high-budget FIFA 21 Icons

Unsurprisingly Pele is the highest-rated Icon in FIFA 21, with his Prime Icon Moment version receiving the maximum overall score of 99.

Even his lowest-rated version costs over 3 million coins, but every Icon Pele is worth the money if you have a huge budget. One of the best players of all time, he is also one of the best players in FIFA 21 and can be used as an attacking midfielder or a striker.

Similarly, Diego Maradona has a 98-rated version which will set you back at least 6m coins. His five-star skills combined with 98 dribbling make him a brilliant option at CAM or CF.

The Prime Icon Moment version of Zinedine Zidane costs over 10 million coins and is more expensive than either Pele or Maradona. This is because he has high ratings in every single category, giving him a 95 or higher rating in every single position in midfield or attack.

Zidane also has five-star skills and a five-star weak foot and can unlock even the most stubborn five-at-the-back defences.

Although not rated as high as Pele in the game, Brazilian striker Ronaldo costs almost twice as many coins. He is the complete forward and is the favourite of many pro players and streamers.

Eric Cantona is one of this year's cover stars and thus his Prime Icon Moment reflects his importance to FIFA 21. His physical stats are monstrous, meaning that he is almost impossible to take the ball from.

Ferenc Puskas is a new addition to FIFA 21 and has been given a 99 shooting rating for his Icon Moment edition. This includes 99 finishing and 99 shot power, so it is easy to see why he will set you back more than 4m coins.