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The best streaming services for sports fans in 2024

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DirecTV Stream

FS1 included with all subscription plans.

DVR capabilities: Unlimited cloud storage

Simultaneous streams: 20

Free trial: Yes

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Few things unite the world like sport. Friends, families and more come together all year round to enjoy the pleasures of their favorite games, from the glitz and glamour of American football through the worldwide giant that is soccer, with plenty more drawing loyal supporters all over the globe.

In the United States, there's no shortage of terrific competitions to watch too, ranging from NFL to NBA and NHL to MLB. Internationally, events such as the Premier League and UEFA Champions League continue to draw fans too, and with the arrival of Lionel Messi, MLS is only going to soar as well.

But for as many sports as there are, there's possibly even more channels covering them too, with the United States market overloaded by broadcasters and providers covering a multitude of leagues and tournaments from coast-to-coast and further abroad.

Every major terrestrial network has dedicated sporting blocks, while a host of pay-television channels and satellite services are singular dedicated to various games - and that's before you even consider the plethora of options available online, with the streaming boom at an all-time high for sports coverage.

There are currently over 200 TV streaming services available on the US market. That’s an intimidating number when trying to figure out where to put your money! Even more so, when broadcasting rights for the live sports events you want can change between channels from year to year.

To help sports fans cut through the clutter, we've pulled together the best sports streaming services on the market based on subscription price, features and channel lineup.