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What San Jose Earthquakes fans should make of owner John Fisher's 'shameless' Oakland A's baseball relocation decision

San Jose Earthquakes owner John Fisher brought scrutiny upon himself with his recent treatment of Major League Baseball's Oakland Athletics, the other Bay Area sports team he oversees.

The San Francisco Chronicle called Fisher's announcement last week that he would try to relocate the Athletics to Las Vegas "shameless". The San Jose Mercury News used the words “cheap” and “unserious”. The Athletic said he was a failure merchant reliably wrong on every issue.

Dig into just about any local online fan forum or social media app, and far worse language is being used to express a similar sentiment.

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His Earthquakes ownership tenure, though, is less clear-cut.

There were reports in 2021 that the heir to Gap Inc. retail fortune was exploring the sale of a stake in the Earthquakes he bought in 2006, and stories about a possible deal briefly re-emerged last week after the Oakland relocation news. Fisher doesn't usually make public comments about the team, which sometimes makes it difficult to decipher his intentions.

GOAL breaks down what fans need to know about Fisher, and why Earthquakes supporters don't need to feel immediately threatened by the baseball saga up Interstate 880...