FFA heat policy prompts W-League change

Canberra United v Melbourne Victory W-League 28012017
Less than a week after an A-League match was played in extreme temperatures, a W-League semi-final has been delayed to avoid dangerous conditions

As discussion about its heat policy rages on, Football Federation Australia (FFA) has decided to push Sunday's W-League semi-final back six hours to avoid extreme heat.

FFA released a statement on Friday declaring that Canberra United versus Melbourne City will be rescheduled from 2pm local time to 8pm local time "to ensure the match is played at a safe and acceptable level".

Under the FFA Heat Policy, 28 degrees on the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) is the threshold when postponement or delays of matches should be considered.

There is "a high probability", according to FFA, that the WBGT would be above 28 degrees in Canberra at 2pm.

Greenacre puts heat on FFA

The WBGT is a measurement used by a variety of sports organisations to decide when it is safe to play, and it takes in to account a variety of factors such as ambient temperature, humidity, shade and wind.

Last week, the FFA Heat Policy came under fire following Adelaide United's 2-2 draw with Wellington Phoenix in the A-League, which kicked off when the ambient temperature was over 38 degrees Celsius.

While FFA insisted the WBGT was below 28 degrees at Coopers Stadium, Phoenix co-coach Chris Greenacre claimed some of his players suffered from "heat stroke" at half-time - an allegation refuted by the governing body.

FFA reject heat stroke claims

On Thursday, Wellington captain Andrew Durante called on FFA to "forget that wet bulb guide" and use some common sense.

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The rescheduling of Sunday's W-League finals fixture means it will be played after Central Coast Mariners' A-League clash with Adelaide at GIO Stadium.

The Mariners versus Adelaide match will kick off at 5pm local time when the ambient temperature in Celsius is expected to be in the low 30s.