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Betting on Soccer - How to Bet on Soccer l February 2024 - South Africa

In South Africa, betting on soccer is a very popular way for bettors and football fans to follow and enjoy football. To bet on soccer, you’ll need:

  1. to know how soccer betting works
  2. to know the best betting sites and the new betting sites, and
  3. To know the best strategies & tips on how to bet on soccer in South Africa.

All these and more are what you will find in this article.

❓How Does Online Soccer Betting Work?

When you place soccer bets, you make one or more soccer betting predictions regarding the result of a match, and each prediction has odds attached to it. There are diverse betting markets for betting on soccer, and within each market, up to hundreds of different wagers can be placed. To make soccer betting predictions, players need to register on the website of their choice, make their selection, enter their stakes, and then wait for their winning bets to come through, after which they can request their payouts.

 🔑 Is Soccer Betting Legal in South Africa?

Yes, betting on soccer is legal in South Africa so long as the game is played with a registered bookmaker that has a valid license from one of the recognized provincial gambling boards. Since its establishment, the National Gambling Board (NGB) has been in charge of gambling oversight in South Africa. They are in charge of, among other things, deciding which kinds of gambling are legal in the country and regulating such gambling operations once they have made that decision. Currently, the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board is the most prominent organisation in South Africa for issuing online bookmaker licenses.

When engaging in online soccer betting or placing soccer bets, it is essential to use a betting site authorized and regulated by the appropriate authorities. If you are curious whether or not the site you are using to place bets is authorized in South Africa, check the bottom of the homepage to see the site's licensing information. If they hold a license issued by one of the regulatory bodies in South Africa, then betting and gambling on their website is entirely within the bounds of the law.

🔍 How to Understand Soccer Odds? 

One of the most essential aspects of soccer betting is the betting odds. It should come as no surprise that the online soccer betting sites that provide the best soccer betting odds have the most customers. In general, the probabilities of events that are less likely to occur are assigned greater odds, while the probabilities of events that are more likely to occur are assigned lower soccer betting odds.

Soccer betting sites that give longer soccer betting odds are considered to have the best odds for online soccer betting. Using these soccer betting sites increases the likelihood that you will win more betting on soccer. By analysing the odds on soccer bets, you can locate potential value in your wagers, which is why this is a crucial consideration.

𓅐 What’s Soccer Predictions?

Making soccer betting predictions regarding the results of one or more soccer matches is required to participate in online soccer betting. You can win more when you make accurate soccer betting predictions. However, you also risk losing money if your soccer betting predictions are incorrect. If you win, you will get paid per the odds of the wager you placed, which can vary based on the market. 

🥇 How to Choose the Right Soccer Betting Site

Choosing a website for betting on soccer can be challenging, as a variety of factors contribute to the viability of Soccer betting sites. When selecting a site for online soccer betting, some of the most important considerations include the following:

Live Betting

Live betting allows players to make soccer bets on events still happening. Live betting on soccer could be some of your best soccer betting options if you're looking for nonstop excitement and entertainment. Due to the unpredictability of football betting, the online soccer betting sites that put in the most effort to guarantee that their live betting features are our favourites. Aside from adding a new dimension of entertainment for gamblers, live soccer betting has also made it possible to access incredible new features and tools, such as live betting odds, in-game statistics, and results. 


There is no denying that Soccer betting odds are among the most significant factors a betting website can provide for its customers. The more likely it is that you will win betting on soccer, the greater the Soccer betting odds. Pick a betting website that offers better Soccer betting odds if you want to have better chances. To bet on soccer on Betway alongside other sites, the odds are the most essential consideration, as they directly impact the outcome of bets.

Soccer Coverage 

Regarding betting on soccer, the number of active leagues that soccer betting sites provide is frequently neglected. This is an essential factor because it determines the soccer betting options players can access. There are various leagues for betting on soccer at online soccer betting sites, with some offering more than others. The online soccer betting bookies that we review provide outstanding coverage of the various soccer leagues and tournaments. They provide comprehensive coverage of major leagues, such as the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A, and they offer hundreds of soccer betting options on a single match. 

Betting Markets

When deciding which soccer betting sites to use, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is the types of online soccer betting markets covered. You can place more soccer bets if you have access to more betting markets. Betting on soccer match results continues to be among the most popular Soccer bets, but there are many other betting markets. Over/Unders, Handicaps, and Both teams to score are examples of these types of bets.

Betting App

Given that the vast majority of bettors place their wagers using their mobile devices, it is only logical for betting sites to build mobile apps that elevate the quality of the betting experience. Betting sites should provide Android and iOS apps alongside a mobile-optimised website. If you're interested in the best betting app for you, please check our best betting apps guide, created especially by our South African bettors.

Live Streaming 

Live streaming is the crown gem of the soccer betting industry. However, only a few soccer betting sites in South Africa provide the service. With this feature, you can watch the event you are interested in betting on while it takes place. There is no other source of information that can better inform your bets than seeing the event as it unfolds. Live streaming is a feature that not all sites offer. Consequently, you will only discover a few South African soccer betting sites covering the most important soccer events.

Bonuses and Promotions 

When selecting a site for betting on soccer, a significant measurement criterion is the availability of Soccer betting promotions. Regarding soccer betting bonuses, various Soccer betting sites provide typical ways to increase your earnings. However, only a few soccer betting sites provide deals that offer players better winning opportunities.

Cash Out

The Cash Out function is growing in popularity, but its significance is especially felt in multi-bets. This is because of the possibility that the results of the remaining sections would be unpredictable. Punters can use partial Cash out, allowing them to withdraw only a portion of their wager while leaving the remainder in play. 

🌟 What are the Top Rated Soccer Betting Sites in South Africa? 

There are various sites for betting on soccer because football betting is widespread. These bookies offer betting on various soccer leagues and tournaments worldwide. You can place wagers on popular and unpopular football competitions on Soccer betting sites like bet.co.za, Boyle Sports and more. When you want to start betting on soccer online, you first want an account with an online bookmaker. We've compiled a list of some of the most reputable soccer betting sites in South Africa. Keep reading to find out how to bet on soccer on Hollywoodbets, how to bet on soccer on Betway, and choose the one that suits your needs the most.

🏆 How to Bet on Soccer with Hollywoodbets

how to bet on soccer on hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets is a well-known platform for soccer betting in South Africa. From the Hollywoodbets review, you can bet on most soccer leagues available, enhance your odds using Match Bet Builder, or cash out your bets early using their Cash Out feature. Hollywoodbets provides everything you could desire for betting on soccer. When a new player signs up for an account with Hollywoodbets, they receive R25 free bets and proceed with how to on bet soccer on Hollywoodbets.

🏆 Bet on Soccer with Betway 

how to bet on soccer on betway

Betway is one of the online bookmakers that is expanding at the fastest rate in South Africa. It has thousands of soccer betting options available on its platform. To bet on soccer on Betway, you must register first. The website provides access to the most popular soccer markets in diverse leagues and events, such as the English Premier League and the FIFA World Cup. The variety of soccer promotions that Betway South Africa offers is one of the reasons that punters learn how to bet on soccer on Betway. New customers can get a free wager worth R1,000 when they sign up. Players seeking how to bet on soccer on Betway will find it an easy process. The Betway review reveals that the site provides some of the country's most competitive odds for soccer betting.

🏆 Bet on Soccer with Supabets

how to bet on soccer on supabets

If betting on soccer is where your interest rests, then Supabets could be the platform that best suits your needs. Supabets' most popular sporting event to bet on is football betting. The competition features leagues from countries worldwide. You can follow the matches played in Europe, but you also have the choice to go in a different direction and wager on matches played in other countries. Place your wagers on leagues such as the UEFA Europa League, Bundesliga, Premier League, Ligue 1, and Serie A. From the Supabets review, new players are eligible to receive R50 in free bets when they register with Supabets.

🏆 Bet on Soccer with Betfred

how to bet on soccer on betfred

When it comes to betting on sports, Betfred is the most comprehensive on soccer betting. The soccer markets on the website are broken down into countries and tournaments. Players have diverse Soccer betting options ranging from Match Winner to Correct Score. Betfred allows customers to wager on more than 600 markets for every soccer match. From our Betfred review you can view the most recent results and statistics from your preferred soccer leagues on this website. This can be of assistance to you when making Soccer betting predictions. Regarding the Soccer betting options that Betfred provides, Cash Out allows you to settle your wager in advance based on the real-time odds that are in effect at the time.

🏆 Bet on Soccer with Gbets

how to bet on soccer on gbets

The next website in our rundown of the best places for Soccer bets is Gbets. At Gbets, you can bet on over 400 soccer markets, including Asian Handicaps and Totals. Gbets is known for more than just its extensive variety of betting options; its soccer betting odds are the best in South Africa. The odds ensure that players receive bigger rewards consistently. They provide an astounding number of different leagues, and on top of that, they provide the most impressive virtual soccer betting suite that can be found anywhere in the country.

🏆 Bet on Soccer with 10bet

how to bet on soccer on 10bet

10Bet has swiftly established a strong reputation in the betting industry, particularly in soccer odds and coverage. 10bet is a comprehensive Soccer betting provider in South Africa that ensures that you have access to pre-match, live, and outright betting. They provide extensive odds on soccer leagues and tournaments worldwide. A wide variety of national and international competitions and several domestic leagues are covered by 10bet. The fact that 10Bet offers one of the best pre-match odds on all English Premier League matches is sure to win over many customers. They also offer new players a Welcome offer of 100% up to R3,000 and a Sports Free Bet of 50% up to R500.

🏆 Bet on Soccer with Lulabet 

how to bet on soccer on lulabet

Lulabet is one of the top platforms in South Africa for Soccer betting. After registering an account with Lulabet, your first wager of R50 will automatically be matched with an R50 free bet. You can also use Multibet Boosts and Cash Out to maximise the potential winnings you could receive and receive either a partial or whole payout before the match is done. Players have access to diverse leagues and betting markets for Soccer betting where they can apply specific soccer betting rules to stand a chance of winning their bets. 

🏆 Bet on Soccer with Interbet

 how to bet on soccer on interbet

At Interbet, punters may choose from various pre-game and in-play betting markets for soccer matches. When it comes to the most well-known soccer leagues and tournaments, they provide a wide variety of betting markets and some of the best Soccer betting odds in the industry. There are also a ton of betting markets available on other types of soccer competitions taking place in different parts of the world. You may bet on leagues like the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Spanish La Liga, and the English Premier League (EPL) at Interbet. When new players make their first deposit, they earn an R40 bonus.

⚽ Best Tips & Strategies for Soccer Betting

Soccer betting tips put you in a better position to win your bets when betting on soccer. On that note, the following are the best soccer betting tips and strategies:

Look for the Best Odds

Taking advantage of the best odds available is the simplest approach to increasing your betting success when betting on soccer. Always check the odds of the soccer bets you want to place, on as many websites as you can to maximise your chances of finding the best ones. If you discover that the best odds are available on Soccer betting sites like Betway, create an account to bet on soccer on Betway.

Use Bonuses and Promotions 

The more bookies you register with, the more bonuses you can claim. When you utilise a bonus for football betting, it's the same as playing with money that belongs to the site. If you win your soccer bets, the money is like having extra money in your pocket, but if you lose, you have nothing to worry about. Therefore, you should make the most of these offers and satisfy the soccer betting rules to increase your chances of winning. 

Make Single Wagers

Decreasing your risk by placing numerous single bets at smaller odds is always an excellent strategy. Make that bet the largest one and accept it as a single. There is a larger possibility that you will win and have something to show for it, even though the payment might not be huge compared to the amount you have staked. It is also suggested to wager more on lower odds and less on bigger odds. This is because these soccer betting tips will assist in building a balance between the riskier multi-bets and the less risky bets.

Take note of Lineups and Injuries 

When betting on soccer this is one of the crucial soccer betting tips since it affects the movement of the line. Pay attention before the lineups are announced to improve your chances of getting a high closing line value on soccer betting markets. Follow goal.com for team news and watch managers' conferences to hear their opinions on recent situations. Be aware of who has suffered an injury and who might be due for a rest or rotation.

Think Logically 

If you're a soccer betting fan, you most likely place your wagers on well-known leagues. This popularity comes with a cost when betting on soccer. Compared to lower leagues, the top leagues receive most of the bookies' attention and research, resulting in more accurate odds and making it more challenging to discover value bets. Therefore, one of the solid soccer betting tips is to specialise in less popular leagues since winning in those leagues can be much simpler.

Use Multiple Sites 

Place bets with different Soccer betting sites to identify one that best suits your needs. After reading the bet.co.za review alongside that of other sites, the only way to know which is superior is to try them out for yourself, know the soccer betting rules and evaluate the outcome. You could find out how to bet on soccer on Hollywoodbets or how to bet on soccer on Betway or other sites to discover the best options. You will find out your best Soccer betting options after using these soccer betting tips.

Common Soccer Betting Markets

There may be as many as a thousand soccer betting markets for you to choose from in a single game, depending on the betting website that you choose. To get you started, here are common soccer betting markets that further helps in understanding soccer betting rules:


The most straightforward and most accessible soccer bet is a 1x2 bet. This bet is also known as a match winner bet. You only predict whether the Home side or the Away team will come out on top or the game will end in a draw.

Correct Score

The Correct Score bet may be placed on football betting, offering large potential returns. If you can accurately predict the final result of any match before the referee blows the final whistle, you will receive high payouts.

Draw No Bet

Since it covers two of the three outcomes of the match, this bet excludes the possibility of the match ending in a draw. You can place your wager on Team A to win plus the draw, or you can choose to place it on Team B to win plus the draw. If your team emerges victorious, you will receive a reward lower than a Match Winner bet. On the other hand, if the game ends in a tie, your full wager will be returned to you.

Both Teams to Score

Consider placing this wager if you are convinced that each of the two competing teams will finish the game with at least one goal scored against them. Your wager will be a winning one if either of the two teams scores at least once.

First Goalscorer

Predict which player on the field will be the one to score the game's first goal. The available Soccer betting odds for each player to score the first goal will show their relative chances. This will vary depending on their position and previous performance in the game.

Half-Time / Full-Time Result

Predict which team will lead the match at the end of the 1st half (Half-Time) and when the match is over (Full Time). Since both soccer betting predictions must come true for the bet to win, the odds offered for this wager are always higher than those provided for other markets. 

Over/Under Goals

This entails soccer betting predictions on whether the overall number of goals scored in a match will be greater than or fewer than the amount supplied. If you placed a bet on Over 2.5 goals, for instance, there needs to be a minimum of 3 goals scored in the match to win your wager.

Step-by-Step Guide to Placing Soccer Bets Online

Signing up with a football betting bookmaker is the first step to placing wagers on soccer matches. To bet on soccer on Betway or other sites, you must create a player account. When betting on soccer, the registration steps necessary can vary from one website to the next. To ensure everything is clear, familiarise yourself with the registration process before you go on to learn how to bet on soccer on Hollywoodbets and other sites. Following the procedures below, you can place a soccer bet on most South African sites

Step 1: Select a betting site

how to place a soccer bet on gbets?

The first thing you need to do is to choose one of the many football betting websites that offer soccer bets from the options available. Remember that the soccer betting odds, soccer betting markets, and live soccer betting are the most significant factors you should consider when selecting a site for betting on soccer.

Step 2: Register 

how to register on gbets?

After selecting a betting platform, the following step is registering an account with the selected soccer betting site. Signing up is quick, doesn't cost anything, and can be finished in under two minutes; all you have to do is navigate to the betting website's sign-up page, enter your information into the appropriate fields, and submit the registration form.

Step 3: Deposit 

After registering with the soccer betting site or sites, the next step is to deposit on the site. Making a deposit is relatively straightforward; all you have to do is log in to your account, click the "deposit" button, and choose the method you want to use to make deposits. Then, enter the amount and send in your request.

Step 4: Place Your Bet

how to place your bet on gbets?

Find the football betting section of the website. Choose a country and league, and select the odds and market. After your selections, you may view your bets by clicking on the betslip. Next, enter your stake in the provided box, and click Submit or Place Bets to confirm your wager. Ensure to follow all applicable soccer betting rules.

Exclusive Soccer Promotions

Alongside paying attention to soccer betting rules, it is a terrific opportunity to obtain bonuses to increase your winning chances while betting on Soccer. The following is a list of the best soccer promos currently being offered by the leading soccer betting sites in South Africa:

  • Betway - 300% Multi Boost 

Increase the amount of your wins from Multi Bets by up to 300%. Your winnings will be increased by an additional amount for each leg of your Multi-Leg Bet with odds of 1.2 or higher. Your boost will increase in proportion to the number of legs you add. Only cash wagers placed on pre-game picks are eligible. Multiple bets consisting of two or more selections are required to apply the Win Boost. The boost begins at 2.5% for two events and climbs to a maximum of 300% as more selections are added to the betslip.

  • Hollywoodbets - Soccer Money Back

Win up to ten times your stake with Soccer Money Back. When you place your soccer multiples with Hollywoodbets, you can win up to 10 times your original stake if your wager is lost in the final leg of the wager. You will receive a refund equal to twice the amount of your original wager, up to a maximum of R1,000, if your betting slip contains eight or more markets with odds of 5/1 or higher. When there are 11 or more markets with odds of 10/1 or higher, you can win five times your original bet back up to R2000. When there are 15 or more markets with odds of 25/1 or higher, you can win 10 times your original stake back (up to R5,000). Only three-way bets for the first 90 minutes will be accepted.

  • Hollywoodbets - Soccer Bonus Bonanza

With Hollywoodbets' Soccer Bonus Bonanza, you will receive much more than you bargained for. If you place bets on different soccer betting markets, you will be eligible for percentage bonuses that vary based on the number of legs in your accumulator. All wagers on the soccer market are eligible. On a bet with 25 or more legs, the maximum bonus that can be paid is 30% of R2,000,000 or R600,000.

  • Gbets - Soccer Multi Boost

When you place a multiple bet with Gbets on two legs or more, your betting slip for the multiple bet will immediately receive up to a 30% bonus. Your bonus will increase proportionately to the number of legs you wager in your multiple. All pre-match sports marketed on Gbets are eligible for the multiple bet bonus, and the minimum odds required for each leg of the wager are 1.3 (3/10). 

  • Gbets - Soccer 0-0 Boost

If you place a pre-match bet on the Correct Score for a match in any of the five major leagues and the match ends in a 0-0 tie, they will reimburse your losing stake up to R1,000 in extra money. These leagues include the English Premier League (EPL), German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and French Ligue 1. Only one individual per match will be eligible for a refund. The incentive is only valid for the first 30 days after it has been claimed. There is a wagering requirement of 6x the bonus amount before withdrawal. Bets must be placed with odds of at least 0.50 (5/10) to qualify for the bonus. 

  • Gbets - Soccer 200% Refund

Get up to 200% of your stake back on a losing multiple bet. All you have to do is place a qualified accumulator bet, and if you lose on the last leg, your stake will be repaid up to 200%. For 10-15, there is a 100% refund, 150% for 16-20 selections, 175% for 21-25 selections and 200% for 26+. The bets will only qualify if one selection loses.

  • Sportingbet - Football Acca Refund

If you place a football accumulator bet with five selections or more, and just one of those selections doesn't come through, the site will return your stake as a free bet. The minimum bet required to qualify is R5. If you lose one bet, you will receive a free bet up to R500. It is required that each selection in the accumulator be wagered on at odds of 1.5 or higher. Bets that contain more than five selections will also be accepted as long as each leg matches the required minimum odds. Only 'Match Result' selections (Home, Draw, or Away) are available for football matches. Each customer is only eligible for one free bet every 24 hours.

  • Sportingbets - Multi Boost

The Multi Boost feature allows you to increase winnings by as much as 500%, up to a maximum of R10,000,000. All you have to do is add two or more selections to your betslip with odds greater than 1.25 (1/4), and the boost will be applied automatically. If your multiple ends up winning. The bonus amount will increase proportionately to the number of selections you add. The maximum amount that can be won is R10,000,000. Bets that are subsequently canceled will not count toward the promotion.

  • Lulabet - Get 225% More with Multi Bets

Receive an additional bonus of up to 225% when you make at least five pre-match selections from any sport, league, or betting market. The Multi Bonus applies to pre-match picks for all leagues and competitions across all sports. After the wager is resolved, the Extra Winnings will be converted into actual cash and deposited into your account. Each wager must have at least one pick with at least 1/5 or 1.2 odds. The Multi Bonus Promotion applies to settled Multiple Bet kinds as specified in these terms. Additionally, it applies to System Bets that include 2 or more settled legs composed only of the qualifying bet types.

  • Lulabet - Mega Boost

Increase the size of your bet by 50%, giving you a better chance of winning on unusual markets, lengthy stretches, and daily picks. Since they are considered "single bets," Bet Boosts cannot be coupled with any other selections in a wager. A maximum win cap will be imposed on any bet boosts. When you place a wager, a notification will appear on the bet slip informing you if the desired stake exceeds the Maximum Win Limit. Unless otherwise specified, every Bet Boost is determined solely by the outcome of the match after the conclusion of the allotted standard time. 

✅ Conclusion - Final Thoughts on Soccer Betting in South Africa

Football betting has a significant following in South Africa due to its widespread popularity. As a result, many football betting websites are active in South Africa. Betting websites for betting on soccer in South Africa are numerous, leaving players with many soccer betting options. When looking for a good platform for online soccer betting, you should look for one with some standard features. These include a wide selection of soccer betting markets on football betting, different payment choices, multiple bonus offers, a slick user interface, and more.

While most people enjoy online soccer betting within their financial means, football betting can become a problem for certain people. To help you bet responsibly, you should decide your limitations for deposits, soccer bets, and losses. This will keep you in control when you bet. That said, sign up with your preferred football betting site above and enjoy online soccer betting.

Most popular FAQs on How to bet on Soccer in South Africa

Is online soccer betting legal in South Africa?

Yes, online soccer betting is legal in South Africa. Ensure that you bet and follow soccer betting rules on sites with valid licenses to run their operations.

How do I deposit and withdraw money on soccer betting sites?

To deposit and withdraw on soccer betting sites, go to your profile and click on the deposit and withdraw tab. Select your preferred payment method and enter the amount you wish to deposit and withdraw. 

What are the most common mistakes to avoid in soccer betting?

Placing unrealistic soccer bets will almost always result in financial loss for the bettor. When betting on soccer, another unwise move is to chase after your losses. This will have you losing more soccer bets than you can win. 

Are there any bonuses or promotions for new soccer bettors in South Africa?

Yes. Most betting sites in South Africa, like the ones reviewed on this page, offer bonuses for new bettors in South Africa. Please find our article with the list of the best betting sites with welcome offers in South Africa.

How can I improve my chances of winning soccer bets?

No one soccer betting tips will guarantee success in football betting. Instead, you must carefully consider diverse soccer betting tips like studying stats, using the best odds and promotions and adhering to soccer betting rules.