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WATCH: TV camera awkwardly cuts to Ronaldo at mention of stepping aside for Portugal's next generation

WHAT HAPPENED? Cameras on a Portuguese television show panned to Cristiano Ronaldo exactly when Portuguese futsal legend Ricardinho was discussing the need for older players to step aside to let younger stars in the nation flourish. He said at the Portuguese Football Federation's Quinas de Ouro ceremony: “I stepped down from the national team so the younger generation could take over and today I’m sure it was the right decision.”

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Ronaldo was set to make the 2022 World Cup his last major tournament with the Portugal national team. But, he has since announced that he hopes to play at Euro 2024, where he would be 39 years old.

WHAT NEXT FOR RONALDO? The five-time Ballon d'Or winner now has two fixtures with the national team before returning to Manchester United in October.