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Vomiting on two-hour shuttle buses & 20 toilets for 20,000 fans - Man City fans share horror stories from Champions League final with UEFA scrutinised again

  • City won 1-0 in Istanbul
  • Fans described final as "dangerous chaos"
  • Many supporters left stunned by lack of infrastructure

WHAT HAPPENED? UEFA are facing serious questions after fans revealed they were left in fear for their own safety during the final, with the governing body having previously overseen the chaos that engulfed last year's final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. Fans, per The Independent, have reported that they were left using shuttle buses that took up to three hours to reach the Ataturk Stadium, with no water or toilets, leading to some fans vomiting, while only 20 lavatories were made available in fan zones serving over 20,000 supporters.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Further to the chaos of not being able to relieve themselves, fans have also claimed that there was no guidance for supporters leaving the ground as to how to return to the city of Istanbul, leaving them to walk a mile and use taxis that charged up to €200 (£171/$214). During the game, there was said to be just one concession stand for an entire end of fans, leaving them to wait up to two hours to receive a bottle of water.

AND WHAT'S MORE: The Ataturk Stadium is surrounded by scrubland and fans have described having to walk over what was essentially a construction site to reach the ground, leaving those who are disabled or elderly stranded.

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WHAT NEXT? UEFA will, obviously, oversee next year's competition, with the final being held at Wembley. They are yet to comment on the situation.