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'It's ridiculous!' - Pogba's blue hair derided by Man Utd legend Gary Neville ahead of derby clash

Gary Neville has derided Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba's decision to dye his hair the colour of title rivals Manchester City ahead of Saturday's derby at the Etihad Stadium.

The Red Devils' star's hair is currently blue having had it dyed during the recent international break when he suited up for France, who are nicknamed Les Bleus.

However, that hair colour has drawn Pogba into some controversy, as Jose Mourinho's side come up against the blue side of Manchester in the derby with the Premier League title at stake.

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And Neville is baffled by Pogba’s decision to leave it blue, noting that it draws attention to him at a time when he believes the central midfielder would be best served just getting on with his game.

“I’ll be honest with you, the problem is with Pogba – and I actually like him, I think he’s a good player and I think United are a better team with him in – is he doesn’t help himself,” Neville said on Sky Sports.

"I always think if you’re a wise individual, if you’ve got an element of sense about you, you just don’t draw attention when things aren’t going your way. You keep your head down, you work hard.

"That’s the basic premise that your parents will tell you, that your manager will tell you, that anyone will tell you.

"Pogba doesn’t work like that, he always wants attention. Pep Guardiola mentioned that his agent had offered him to Manchester City."

Neville believes Pogba still has a lot to do to prove to the Red Devils faithful that he is serious about the game and moves like having his hair blue ahead of the Manchester derby is not helping matters. 

"He’s got a big job to do Paul Pogba, and that is to prove to Manchester United – to the coach, to the fans – that he’s serious about his football,” Neville added. “We know he loves his football, but to be serious about your football is different to loving playing it.

"He obviously enjoys the game, but from my point of view at this moment in time coming here with blue hair today. Win? It’s fine. Lose? That’s going to get mentioned forever more by Man City fans, by Man Utd fans.

"Why would you even put yourself in that situation? It’s ridiculous."

Guardiola's City could be crowned league champions with a victory over Mourinho's United, although the match has been somewhat overshadowed by City's meltdown on Wednesday against Liverpool that leaves them 3-0 down with the second leg to play on Tuesday.