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Grealish to Ibiza? Man City midfielder reveals he's learning Spanish & wants to become a DJ!

  • Looking for interests away from football
  • Learning to speak Spanish
  • Struggling to learn how to DJ

WHAT HAPPENED? Premier League footballers often find themselves with plenty of spare time on their hands and finding something to fill the spaces in their timetables can be a struggle. After doing a bit of soul searching, Grealish realised that he didn't have much of a life away from Manchester City and England so he has taken up a couple of new hobbies to rectify that.

WHAT HE SAID: Speaking to Josh Denzel on BT Sport's 'Around the Block', he said: “I’m actually trying to learn to DJ at the moment. DJ Grealo! I’m awful but everything takes time, doesn’t it? I’m trying to learn Spanish as well.

"Do you know what it is? I want to try and learn some stuff outside of football, have a hobby and stuff. I watch a few things on TV but when I thought about it, I was like ‘I don’t actually do a lot of stuff outside of football.’ So I want to learn to do some stuff."

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THE BIGGER PICTURE: While there is most likely nothing in it, learning Spanish would help Grealish if he harbours an ambition of playing in La Liga in the future. Honing his DJ skills might also help if those dreams include the desire to play in the bars and nightclubs of somewhere like Port Olimpic in Barcelona or Ibiza!


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WHAT NEXT FOR GREALISH? It is surprising that he is even able to find time for these two hobbies, given how hectic his schedule is. He has 11 more games with City to cram in before travelling to Qatar with England for the World Cup in mid-November.