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Soccer Cities' ultimate guide to the authentic Buenos Aires football experience

Buenos Aires is synonymous with football. Not only is it the city with most stadiums per capita in the world and home of the recent world champions, it lives in a constant state of craziness, with an outpouring of passion every weekend when it comes to local football.

The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Metropolitan Area (known as AMBA) are two different things politically, but in day-to-day life they act as one massive football epicentre. A lot of clubs are located in the Metropolitan area, in cities that are not strictly Buenos Aires, but are one, five or 10 miles away. For instance, Racing and Independiente, the clubs that produced Lautaro Martinez and Sergio Aguero, are located in Avellaneda, but people would still refer to them as Buenos Aires Clubs.

Football in Argentina is quite concentrated in this region and almost half of the 28 teams in the First Division are from Buenos Aires or the Metropolitan Area. The game was brought to Argentina by English immigrants and Buenos Aires has always been the heartland of football in the country.

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Here GOAL takes you through the ideal Soccer Cities matchday experience in Buenos Aires.

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