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Should the Premier League introduce sin-bins? Why the 'disgraceful' proposal might help stamp out the 'cancer that kills football'

IFAB. An acronym that strikes fear into the heart of football fans like little else. Over the past few years the International Football Association Board have been cursed with an insatiable itch to fiddle with the laws of the game. And, in many cases, we've ended up in a more confusing situation than ever.

They aren't done yet, either. This week, after IFAB's latest meeting, they announced the intention to improve VAR, ban players other than the team captain from speaking from the referee, tweak the much-maligned handball law (again), as well as crack down on players not taking penalties on the spot and introduce semi-automated offside decisions.

By far and away the potential new rule that attracted the most attention, however, was the proposed adoption of 10-minute, rugby-style sin-bins for certain offences, including dissent and professional fouls. There was also some discussion about the punishment being used for 'orange card' offences that seem worse than a caution, but don't warrant a player being sent off.

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These trials could start as early as next season, with the Premier League, Women's Super League and FA Cup among the competitions being considered as testing grounds.