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PSG really ARE 'Kylian Saint-Germain'! Why Mbappe only has himself to blame for unintentional rebrand

On Thursday, Paris Saint-Germain unveiled their promotional campaign to encourage fans to buy season tickets for next year. The video was suitably cliche, with Kylian Mbappe reading a curated script about what PSG is and means to him. It was all accompanied by shots of children playing football, and the occasional highlight from a tepid 2022-23 campaign for the French giants.

However, notably, neither Lionel Messi nor Neymar appeared in the video, with Mbappe taking centre stage as he talked up PSG's new era.

The player was outraged by the video — despite presumably knowing what it would look like — and took to social media to express his displeasure. Spitting blood, he wrote: "I just took part in the viewing of the club’s re-subscription campaign for the 23-24 season. At no time was I informed of the content of the interview. It looked like a basic interview during a club marketing day... PSG is a big club and a big family but it is especially not Kylian Saint-Germain.”

PSG, PR experts that they are, swiftly scrubbed it from their social channels. Mbappe's complaint, it seems, had a real impact.

By making the statement and forcing his club to delete the content, the star striker inadvertently contradicted his own statement. He insisted he isn't bigger than the club, but as soon as he spoke out against a decision, they swiftly walked it back. Whether he realised it or not, Mbappe paradoxically wielded the power that he claimed he doesn't have.

This isn't the first time that Mbappe's individual influence has outweighed the PSG brand. Indeed, his unnecessary statement was inadvertently the latest in a string of petulant outbursts that prove he is bigger than PSG.

Whether Mbappe will admit it or not, accidentally or intentionally, harmlessly or maliciously, he has turned the club into the 'Kylian Saint-Germain' he insists it isn't.

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