Kylian Mbappe's impending Real Madrid move means Endrick must remain at Palmeiras for another year - Brazilian wonderkid cannot risk derailing his incredible development by rotting on the bench

Kylian Mbappe's pending move to Real Madrid will, presumably, lead to immense change in the Spanish capital. Systems will have to be redesigned. Marketing campaigns will have to be reworked. Ways of playing might need to be reimagined, while individual roles may be reinterpreted.

It's all a bit exciting - especially for those who will pack the Santiago Bernabeu for the coming years to watch Mbappe lead what should be one of Europe's great sides.

But it might not be so glitzy for everyone. Mbappe's arrival will mean Madrid score a lot of goals, sell a lot of tickets, and win a lot of things. But for another big signing, it could bring about an uncomfortable start to life in the Spanish capital.

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Big-money Brazilian teenager Endrick, Carlo Ancelotti insisted earlier this week, will complete his summer move and suit up for Los Blancos in June. Two days before, though, scattered talk from the Brazilian media suggested that he might stick around in his native country for six more months - taking a common route of playing out the remainder of the South American campaign before turning his attention to Europe.

And although Los Blancos have remained adamant in their stance that Endrick will arrive as early as possible, there is some sense in letting one of the game's brightest young talents develop away from the Santiago Bernabeu spotlight - especially with another global megastar soon to saunter into town.