Ronaldinho FC24 graphic

From Future Star to FC Icon: How brilliant Brazilian Ronaldinho dazzled the world with the ball at his feet and became one of the game's most beloved players

If there was a word to describe Ronaldinho, it would probably be magic. It's the best way to explain the things he could create on a football field. When the ball was at his feet, when every eye in the stadium was watching him, the Brazilian did things that just didn't feel possible.

It's what made him so beloved, after all. People don't love Ronaldinho for the goals he scores or even the trophies he won. Instead, they remember him for how they made them feel. They remember him for his big smile, his childlike wonderment and his ability to create memories with a few kicks of the ball.

He made plenty of those memories, from Brazil to France, Spain, Italy and back, to solidify his place among the best to ever do it. To coincide with the release of his Future Stars Icon card on EA Sports FC24 on PlayStation 5, GOAL takes a look back at the Brazilian's journey and how he went from Future Star to ICON...