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The best broadband internet providers in the USA for streaming sports in 2023

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In this internet age, your broadband has to support a lot. From streaming YouTube compilations of the world's biggest soccer stars to conquering the field on EA FC. Plus, lest we forget, those long, long, Zoom meetings - whatever your requirements, a stable and consistently reliable connection is essential. 

Luckily, we've got the inside scoop on the best broadband providers in the United States. So, keep reading for our top 6!

Top 3 things to consider

  • Availability - Not all broadband networks will be available to you, depending on where you live. Look out for what others in your area are using to narrow your search down.
  • Speed - depending on your uses for broadband, the speed you actually need will differ. Gamers will look for high-speed providers, while casual internet users will not be dependent on ultimate speeds.
  • Price - broadband is another monthly cost to consider, so make sure you aren't stretching yourself too thin.

It’s also worth looking into the quality of customer service and the security features a provider has on offer before subscribing.

Our top 6 broadband providers

Broadband Plans and Pricing

Service ProviderSubscriptionDownload SpeedsFull Pricing


Internet 300

300 Mbps


Internet 500

500 Mbps


1 GIG Internet



2 GIG Internet



5 GIG Internet





300 Mbps



500 Mbps





Cox Internet

Go Fast

100 Mbps


Go Even Faster

250 Mbps


Internet Ultimate 500

500 Mbps


Go Super Fast



Go Beyond Fast




CenturyLink Simply Unlimited

100 Mbps


CenturyLink Fiber Internet

200-940 Mbps




75 Mbps


Connect More

200 Mbps



400 Mbps



800 Mbps



1000 Mbps


Gigabit Extra

1200 Mbps



Spectrum Internet

300 Mbps


Spectrum Internet Ultra

500 Mbps


Spectrum Internet GIG

1000 Mbps


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Will my internet subscription price change?

Most likely. There are lots of good deals that only run temporarily, so it's good practice to look at the terms and conditions of any discounted bundles/subscriptions so you don't get caught out.

Can I get the broadband I want in my area?

Service providers allow you to check this through a ZIP code search on their website. Make sure to use this tool to check the availability in your area before browsing for a subscription.

What internet speed should I go for?

If you live alone, anything up to 50 Mbps will do you fine. But if you live in a larger household, with gamers or remote workers, it's worth investing in a higher internet speed to accommodate lots of devices simultaneously and prevent lagging/buffering.

Are TV+Internet bundles worth it?

That depends on what you watch and which TV subscription is included. If it's the cheapest package and you're a sports lover, it's unlikely to have the channels you need.