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'Doesn't give a toss!' - PSG star Neymar INFURIATING locals with loud music & late-night parties at his villa as residents & mayor vent their anger

  • Neymar has upset local residents
  • Complaints stem from late-night noisy parties
  • Local mayor has blasted the PSG star

WHAT HAPPENED? Neymar is in hot water for his antics off the pitch after upsetting his neighbours with his night-time activities, according to Le Parisien. The Brazilian has angered local residents near his Bougival home with a series of alleged parties, including a recent bash to celebrate his 31st birthday. Local mayor Luc Wattelle has said Neymar's parties are "prodigiously annoying" for the local community.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Neymar is known for having a fondness for parties and has a habit of missing games whenever his sister Rafaella's birthday rolls around. The 31-year-old has now been in Paris for six years, since making the shock move from Barcelona in 2017, and his current deal runs until 2025.

AND WHAT'S MORE: Wattelle has described the PSG star as a "disrespectful individual." He has also admitted it's little use fining the superstar as it would have little impact. He explained: "We could fine him, but what can we do with someone who doesn’t give a toss about paying a €135 fine given his wages?" Neymar is thought to earn €36 million per season currently at PSG.

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WHAT NEXT FOR NEYMAR? PSG return to action in Ligue 1 on Saturday afternoon at Monaco. As for his lifestyle off the pitch, it's unlikely a few complaints from local residents - and even the mayor - will put him off too much!