The best football games to play during coronavirus lockdown


The coronavirus pandemic has left football fans desperate for entertainment and thankfully there are a number of games based around the sport that can go some way to filling the void. 

From videogames to boardgames, the beautiful game has long since transitioned beyond the physical pitch and can be enjoyed in different formats from the comfort of your lounge room. 

As lockdown boredom grows, these games can help keep your brain busy while also giving you a vital football fix. 

Read on for the best football games to play during the coronavirus pandemic...

  • FIFA 20


    The go-to videogame for many football fans, FIFA has entertained for decades. 

    Whether it's playing Ultimate Team or career mode, the EA Sports franchise is an easy way to kill some time. 

    If you're tired of FIFA 20, why not give one of the older FIFAs a crack for a trip down memory lane? 

  • PES 2020 Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Lionel Messi

    Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)

    While Pro Evolution Soccer may not boast the popularity of FIFA, the Konami videogame has taken giant strides in recent years.

    Some football fans swear by PES, with its more technical gameplay ensuring a positive point of difference.

    If you've never played, now is a good time to give PES a crack, just don't expect the full licensing of FIFA and give yourself plenty of time to adapt. 

  • Football Manager 2020 GFX

    Football Manager

    Ever wondered how you'd do on the sidelines coaching a side? Well, Football Manager is the best possible way to find out. 

    Unlike FIFA or PES, this game forces you to control your side from a distance as you dictate transfers, tactics and every other little detail you could imagine without actually kicking a ball. 

    Football Manager requires plenty of time and patience but there's no better reward than guiding your team to virtual glory. 

    If you're still on the fence, you can play the game free for the first week right now

  • FIFA 20

    Rocket League

    Football and cars are an unlikely combination but Rocket League has somehow fused them together perfectly. 

    As far as arcade, high-octane football videogames go, this one is hard to pass up. 

    Though it will take some time to master, Rocket League is well worth the investment with last-ditch saves just as satisfying as scoring in reverse. 

  • FIFA 20

    Mario Smash Football/Super Mario Strikers

    This GameCube gem from 2005 won't be easy to find but is a surprisingly solid football game from Nintendo involving their trademark characters. 

    Easy to pick up and great to play with friends, Mario Smash Football is a retro game worth digging up if you can. 

    Fans have even started a petition for a port to be made for the Nintendo Switch so it could be more accessible in the near future. 

  • top eleven game chonburi fcTop Eleven

    Top Eleven

    Bringing the joy and stress of management to your mobile, Top Eleven allows you to coach from literally anywhere. 

    Available via the Google Play Store, the App Store and even Facebook, this game gives you the power of a manager in your pocket. 

    While not as in-depth as Football Manager, Top Eleven could be an easier place to start or simply an ideal way to pass the time if you're away from your computer. 

  • FIFA 20

    Rumble Stars Soccer

    If you're keen for more football gaming on your mobile, Rumble Stars Soccer is a solid option. 

    Best described as five-a-side football meets a mobile MOBA, this game is a good mix of strategy and sheer luck.

    While it can be a grind at times with plenty of incentives to pay for items, it could be exactly the addiction needed right now. 

  • Foosball

    Table Football/Foosball

    A classic game that peaked in popularity during the 90's but is due a comeback. 

    The perfect way for two football fans to get their daily dose of football, while also getting them off the couch. 

  • Subbuteo


    Long before FIFA, Subbuteo was how many football fans got their fictional fix of the beautiful game. 

    The table-top game requires a solid amount of dexterity and imagination to ensure it's enjoyed as it was supposed to be. 

  • Monopoly World Cup 2006 edition

    Monopoly: World Cup Editions

    During the coronavirus crisis, Monopoly copies of every variety will be getting pulled out. 

    A number of versions commemorating World Cups over the past two decades are widely available and will keep most football fans happy as they put a round-ball twist on the classic board game.