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Instead of having to trek to your local convenience store to pay for a parlay bet, why not open an online betting account and save your time while getting free money?

Besides every Canadian getting $120 in free bets fom Ladbrokes as a gift when you make your first deposit, the benfits of online betting versus in-store have already been well discussed in our section before, and making your initial deposit is so simple you'll wonder why you waited so long to do so.

Depositing into an online bookmaker is very simple and actually rewards you for doing so.

For example, at, the long-standing and reputable UK-based bookie, you can make a deposit in so many simple ways.

Included below are also some links that provide you more details about each specific method to help you out further.

The always-accepted VISA and Mastercard are simple and quick to use and Ladbrokes makes it seamless for you to utilize.

Now if you do not have a credit card but still want to place wagers, you can now actually use your debit card. In fact, a Toronto-based company called Instadebit allows you use your card to make a deposit with Ladbrokes just like you would to make an Email Money Transfer or use Interac. Talk about exceptional convenience.

You can also use Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers), UKash, or Click and Buy, three major E-Wallet services that are widely popular in Europe and have steadily increased its presence within the Canadian market. Deposits are instant and you can start placing bets immediately after.

Of course, you can make these deposits from the comfort of your couch as you watch the games. Use your computer, tablet, or with Ladbrokes' new mobile app - wagering on sports has never been more simple and accessible.

And who says technology has made things difficult?

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