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VIDEO: Henry volleys home a basketball from half court

06:51 EAT 05/08/2017
HD Thierry Henry
The former Arsenal star showed that his touch is still pretty good, sinking a basketball from half court with his feet

Thierry Henry has always had some pretty decent tricks up his sleeve, but they were normally confined to the football pitch.

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Now we know he could be a monster on the basketball court as well, at least in a competitive game of H-O-R-S-E. 

The former Arsenal and France star made a nice trick shot that would be hard to duplicate, using his feet to sink a basketball from half court.   

Even if Henry did get a friendly bounce from the rim, the shot is pretty spectacular. 

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The long-range bucket took place after practice for the NBA Africa game, which pits Team Africa vs. Team World, with the game set to take place on August 5.