Ukraine refugees welcomed into Darmstadt head coach's home after Russia invasion

Torsten Lieberknecht SV Darmstadt 98Getty Images

Darmstadt manager Torsten Lieberknecht is housing a pair of Ukrainian refugees after previously stating that he would take in people fleeing from their home country amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis.

The 2.Bundesliga boss has reportedly taken in a mother and a son who have been forced to leave home as the Russian invasion took hold in the largest European conflict since WWII, according to HR-Sport.

In early March, Lieberknecht said he was prepared to welcome displaced citizens into his home as the Russian offensive moved across Eastern Europe.

What was previously said?

"I can say one thing the Lieberknecht family's doors are open to every refugee who needs help," Lieberknecht said.

What is the latest from the crisis?

Since Russia launched its invasion last month, sanctions have been laid out against the nation on both a political and sporting level.

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Among those are a ban on Russia and its clubs from international competition, signalling the end of the national team's attempts to qualify for Qatar 2022.

Ukraine's own path to the World Cup has been postponed amid the invasion, with their clash against Scotland pushed to the summer.

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