Joachim Löw

Low caught in ANOTHER 'scratch and sniff' incident

21:04 EAT 26/06/2016
Joachim Low
The Germany boss has come under scrutiny yet again at Euro 2016 after being spotted smelling his hand after rubbing his armpit during Sunday's 3-0 victory over Slovakia

Joachim Low had promised to clean up his act on the bench, but the Germany boss is at it again.

Earlier in the tournament, the 56-year-old was forced to issue an apology after television cameras caught him sniffing his hands after he had rubbed his genitals.

But it appears this is one habit that Low can’t get rid of as during Germany’s 3-0 win over Slovakia, he was caught smelling his hand after it had been rubbed under his armpit.

Very, very strange, Joachim...