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W. Szczęsny
Yellow Card
W. Weghorst
Yellow Card
V. Janssen
Yellow Card
S. Bergwijn
V. Janssen
0 - 2
C. Gakpo
D. Dumfries
0 - 1

Match Stats

41% 58%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 2
Total Passes 457 655
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Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Netherlands NED Netherlands 6 5 1 0 14 6 +8 16 W W W D W
2 Belgium BEL Belgium 6 3 1 2 11 8 +3 10 L W W D W
3 Poland POL Poland 6 2 1 3 6 12 -6 7 W L L D L
4 Wales WAL Wales 6 0 1 5 6 11 -5 1 L L L D L




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Netherlands stay top of the group, but they haven't confirmed a place in the finals just yet due to Belgium beating Wales. They face the Red Devils in their final match. Poland aren't safe from relegation just yet, and it will come down to their last game as well as they travel to Wales.
Netherlands' unbeaten run continues with a 2-0 win over Poland. Gakpo gave the visitors an early lead in the first half when he finished off an excellent team move with a simple tap-in. Poland pushed for an equaliser, with Milik wasting a glorious chance by blazing over from close range before Bergwijn doubled the lead just before the hour mark, curling a low shot past Szczesny into the bottom corner.
90' + 2' Netherlands are happy to just keep possession in their own half as the end of the game ticks closer. Timber almost sells Pasveer short with a backpass, but the keeper clears his lines before Milik closes him down.
90' After dispossessing De Roon, Klich hooks a hopeful ball upfield for Lewandowski to chase. He was standing offside, so he had to leave it and nobody else is forward for Poland.
88' Netherlands are also struggling to keep hold of the ball in the final third as Taylor sweeps it out to Blind. He tries to swing in a cross, with Weghorst waiting in the middle, but hits Glik instead.
M. Łęgowski
P. Zieliński
86' Final change for Poland now and it's Legowski that's coming on for Zielinski.
W. Szczęsny
Yellow Card
85' Szczesny is quickly back to his feet, and he is not happy with that challenge from Weghorst. He angrily pushes the forward away, and he's booked for his reaction.
W. Weghorst
Yellow Card
85' Weghorst is chasing a throughball into the box, but Szczesny rushes off his line to collect it. The forward accidentally catches him in the head and the referee books him for it.
84' Poland are still pushing to pull a goal back, but their passing is sloppy in the final third. Skoras bursts forward down the left but then hits his cross straight against Dumfries.
V. Janssen
Yellow Card
82' Janssen stepped across Krychowiak but got nowhere near the ball. The referee initially played the advantage but goes back to book him for it.
80' CHANCE! The Poland defenders sit back when it comes to Gakpo on the edge of the D, so he decides to have a go himself. He curls a shot towards the far post, but it flies just wide.
B. Bereszyński
P. Frankowski
79' And Frankowski is also making way, with Bereszynski replacing him.
M. Skóraś
N. Zalewski
79' Poland are making a double change of their own now. Zalewski is the first to go off, with Skoras on for him.
77' Lewandowski has dropped deep again, and he tries to play it through for Milik. He's grappling with Van Dijk, but can't get the better of the defender to reach the pass.
W. Weghorst
S. Bergwijn
75' And Bergwijn is also taken off, with Weghorst on for him.
K. Taylor
S. Berghuis
75' Double change for Netherlands now, and it's Berghuis, who was brought on for Koopmeiners at the beginning of the game, that's going off for Taylor.
74' Netherlands are asking for a penalty after Bergwijn goes to ground in the box. Kiwior was tight to his back, but the referee had a good view of it and he doesn't think there was anything in it.
72' Poland are enjoying a good spell of possession here and Frankowski does well to hold off two Dutch players before Blind steps in to block off his run down the right.
M. Klich
S. Szymański
70' Second change for Poland now, and it's Szymanski that's making way for Klich.
69' Netherlands are patiently trying to work it into the box, but Poland have dropped deep into their own box, keeping a compact shape. Dumfries can't find a way through and they have to play it back to Pasveer.
67' Zielinski bursts forward through the middle and slides it through for Lewandowski. He's forced too wide for a shot, so tries to square it into Szymanski, but Van Dijk cuts it out.
65' There's another nervy moment at the back for Poland as Kiwior knocks it back to Szczesny, not realising that Dumfries is hovering behind him. To the home fans' relief, the keeper gets there first to clear his lines.
63' Poland are struggling to get out of their own half again as Netherlands press them high upfield. The hosts are trying to mount an attack, but can't keep hold of the ball long enough.
C. Gakpo
Yellow Card
61' Gakpo is eager to cut out Poland's throw-in but catches Krychowiak's ankle as they both go for it. He's shown a yellow card.
V. Janssen
60' Janssen was being held by Glik when the ball was passed to him, but he manages to keep his balance to tee up Bergwijn.
S. Bergwijn
60' BERGWIJN SCORES! He picks the ball up on the left wing and plays a clever one-two with Janssen on the edge of the box to lose Bednarek. He runs onto the return pass, coolly slotting it under Szczesny and into the far bottom corner of the net. 2-0 Netherlands!
58' There were 21 passes leading to Gakpo's first-half goal; the most leading up to a Netherlands goal since November 2014.
56' Ake wins the ball back high upfield and lays it off to Zielinski. He drives into the box but is forced wide by Kiwior. He still tries to have a go from the angle but slices it wide.
54' CHANCE! Another quick break from Poland catches out Netherlands again, as Zielinski switches it out to Szymanski. He isn't under pressure, but he rushes it and he slices his cross wide of the near post.
53' WHAT A CHANCE! Zalewski switches it out to Frankowski down the right and he whips an even better cross into the far post, where Milik has got away from Van Dijk. He takes the shot first time from close range but blazes it high over the bar.
V. Janssen
M. Depay
52' Van Gaal isn't taking any chances as Depay is taken straight off and replaced by Janssen.
50' Depay was holding his hamstring after he overran the ball and after a few seconds, he goes down so the medical team can come on to give him treatment.
48' Netherlands have made a bright start to the second half and Bergwijn finds himself in space down the right. He tries to square it into the middle for Depay, but Kiwior slides in to block it.
46' Poland get us back underway for the second half!
M. de Roon
F. de Jong
46' And it's De Jong that's making way for De Roon for Netherlands.
A. Milik
K. Linetty
46' Both sides are making a change at the break, starting with Poland. Linetty is going off, with Milik on in his place.
If things stay as they are, Netherlands are one step closer to the Nations League play-offs, but with Belgium currently beating Wales, that won't be confirmed today. Poland are still in this game though and have looked dangerous when they have got forward, but they need to be more clinical if they want something out of this match.
Gakpo's early goal gives Netherlands a 1-0 lead over Poland at half-time. It was a lovely team goal from Netherlands, with the visitors working it upfield with one-touch passes to open up Poland. Dumfries squared it across the face of goal, leaving Gakpo with a tap-in. Poland have had their moments on the break, and both of their shots have been on target, though they've been comfortable saves for Pasveer.
45' + 3' GOOD CHANCE! Gakpo clears Poland's corner at the near post and sets Depay off on a lightning-quick counter-attack. He drives into the box before unselfishly trying to tee up Bergwijn, but Glik gets in front of him to prevent him from having a tap-in.
45' + 1' Depay gets into a good position down the left, but again, the cross lets him down. He has three to aim for, but curls his cross against Bednarek at the near post.
44' Poland win a free-kick down the left and after dummying a delivery, Zalewski swings it into the near post. Bednarek was there but dropped back, and Timber clears his lines.
42' After a good spell of pressure from Poland, Netherlands are back to dominating possession. They're working it from left to right and back again, but can't get into the box.
40' Lewandowski is dropping deeper and deeper to get on the ball while urging his team-mates forward. When Zielinski swings it in from the right, he's back in the box, but Van Dijk stops him from getting on the end of the cross.
38' SAVE! It's better from Poland here as Zielinski picks out Lewandowski, who then spreads it out to Zalewski on the left. He curls his shot towards goal from the edge of the box, but it's a comfortable save for Pasveer.
36' There's a nervy moment for the home fans as Glik doesn't get enough on the pass to Bednarek inside his own box. Depay chases it down, but Bednarek gets a vital touch to knock it back to Szczesny, who clears his lines.
34' It's a lovely turn from Ake just outside Poland's box to lose Frankowski, and when nobody moves into space, he decides to carry on the run. He takes on one player too many though, with Bednarek sticking out a foot to dispossess him.
N. Aké
Yellow Card
32' Ake goes through the back of Lewandowski to try and win the ball, and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
31' WIDE! Dumfries breezes past Linetty before sliding it through to Berghuis on the right. He drops a shoulder to lose Kiwior before cutting inside and curling a shot towards the far post, but it flies wide.
29' Poland are trying to make the most of their possession when they do have the ball, moving it upfield quickly. Zalewski goes long, looking for Szymanski, but the offside flag stops his run.
27' Blind slides it through to Depay down the left again, and he jinks back onto his right foot to curl in a cross. It's a poor one though, and the keeper comes out to collect it.
25' Again, Netherlands win it back high up the field and Depay slides it through to Bergwijn in the D. He takes it around Glik before firing his shot against Kiwior.
23' It's a risky clearance from Szczesny, who slices it away with Bergwijn bearing down on him. The forward just misses the chance to intercept it, but Poland are quickly under pressure again anyway.
21' Poland just can't get out of their own half at the moment as Netherlands continue to press high upfield. Szczesny eventually goes long to Frankowski, but he loses out to Blind.
19' CHANCE! Netherlands work it down the left this time, with Berghuis chipping it over the top to Depay. He has support with him in the box but chooses to go it alone from the angle and slices his shot high and wide of the target.
17' Zalewski makes a weaving run down the left and it looks like he's going to be able to take it into the box until De Jong steps across. He goes down easily under the contact though and the referee doesn't award the free-kick he's looking for.
15' Poland are looking to make a quick response as they quickly work it upfield. Szymanski looks to thread it through to Lewandowski, but Pasveer is quickly off his line again to clear the danger.
D. Dumfries
13' Dumfries can't work the space for a cross when he first gets it, so he links up with Depay to get behind Zalewski and picks out Gakpo.
C. Gakpo
13' GAKPO SCORES! Netherlands' pressure has paid off! It's wonderful play from the visitors as they work it between Poland with a series of one-touch passes. Depay touches it through to Dumfries, who squares it across the six-yard box and Gakpo is left with a simple tap-in through the middle. 1-0 Netherlands!
12' GREAT CHANCE! Berghuis plays a clever one-two with Dumfries on the edge of the box before floating an excellent cross into the far post. Blind peels off the back of his defender but misses it on the stretch and it bounces off the back of his leg and into Szczesny's gloves.
10' There's more good build-up from Netherlands, as the visitors work it down the left this time. Bergwijn pulls it back for Depay, but a heavy touch takes it away from him as Linetty clears.
8' Netherlands are enjoying all of the possession here so far, but they're struggling to keep it when they get into the final third. Dumfries makes a good run down the right, but can't lose Zalewski in order to swing in a cross.
S. Berghuis
T. Koopmeiners
6' Koopmeiners leaves the field on the stretcher, his head in his hands, as Berghuis comes on to replace him.
4' The stretcher is brought onto the pitch for Koopmeiners, but he tries to get back to his feet. He almost falls straight back over so he's carefully lowered onto the stretcher, but his game is definitely over.
2' There's a very early problem for Netherlands here, with Koopmeiners down holding his head. Linetty was nudged by Bergwijn during an aerial challenge and he caught Koopmeiners with his boot. The medical team gesture straight to the bench.
1' Depay gets the game underway for Netherlands!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Netherlands have only lost three of their 18 meetings with Poland in all competitions (W8 D7), with their last defeat against them coming in May 1979 in a European Championship qualifier (0-2). They're unbeaten in their 11 clashes since (W6 D5).
Van Gaal makes eight changes to the side that beat Wales in their last match, with only Koopmeiners, De Jong and Gakpo retaining their places. 38-year-old Pasveer makes his international debut, while Bergwijn and Depay lead the line at the other end of the pitch.
Czeslaw Michniewicz makes just three changes from the loss to Belgium in their last outing in June, with Bednarek, Krychowiak and Frankowski all coming into the side. Wieteska drops to the bench, while Matty Cash misses out through injury.
NETHERLANDS SUBS: Matthijs de Ligt, Marten de Roon, Tyrell Malacia, Mark Flekken, Stefan de Vrij, Jasper Cillessen, Wout Weghorst, Kenneth Taylor, Vincent Janssen, Steven Burghuis, Davy Klaassen, Devyne Rensch.
NETHERLANDS STARTING XI (3-4-1-2): Remko Pasveer; Jurrien Timber, Virgil van Dijk, Nathan Ake; Denzel Dumfries, Teun Koopmeiners, Frenkie de Jong, Daley Blind; Cody Gakpo; Steven Bergwijn, Memphis Depay.
POLAND SUBS: Bartlomiej Dragowski, Robert Gumny, Kamil Grosicki, Lukasz Skorupski, Arkadiusz Milik, Mateusz Klich, Mateusz Wieteska, Karol Swiderski, Mateusz Legowski, Michal Skoras, Bartosz Bereszynski, Krzysztof Piatek.
POLAND STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Wojciech Szczesny; Jan Bednarek, Kamil Glik, Jakub Kiwior; Przemyslaw Frankowski, Grzegorz Krychowiak, Karol Linetty, Nicola Zalewski; Sebastian Szymanski, Piotr Zielinski; Robert Lewandowski.
Netherlands sit top of the group and could qualify for the finals today with a win if Belgium don't beat Wales, but a draw would be enough if Belgium lose. Louis van Gaal's side are unbeaten in their last 13 matches in all competitions, including the four played in the Nations League (W3 D1) - their only dropped points in the group came in a 2-2 draw in the reverse fixture. Poland won their opening match against Wales, but are winless in their last three outings; the draw with Netherlands was sandwiched between two losses to Belgium.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Nations League Group A4 meeting between Poland and Netherlands at the Stadion Narodowy!