FIFA 19: Seven reasons why you need to play

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EA Sports' classic football game has ticked all the right boxes...once again

And fans are starting to get their hands on this year's version with early access ahead of the worldwide release on Friday September 28.

But why should you fork out your hard-earned money?

Goal tells you why...

  1. Scoring bangers with timed finishing
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    #1 Scoring bangers with timed finishing

    You've found space outside the box and you are thinking of taking a shot - but David de Gea's cat-like reflexes are likely to make scoring impossible.

    With FIFA 19's new timed finishing mechanism - you can send that shot spearing into the top corner and leave Manchester United's goalkeeper with no chance.

    To effectively use the new control, you need to hit the shoot button twice - with the second press coinciding with the player's foot striking the ball.

    If you push the shoot button too early or late, your player will perform an embarrassing attempt on goal that will roll timidly into the keeper's arms.

    But if you time it right, your player will produce a powerful effort on goal that the opposing goalkeeper will struggle to keep out.

    It must be noted that this feature does not have to be used - but it's going to be helpful if you can master it.

  2. Good luck with first-touch passing

    #2 Good luck with first-touch passing

    Everyone has one of those mates who just continually first-touch pass the ball around to evade your defensive efforts.

    Well not anymore.

    An adjustment to the passing system means if the player's body is not facing where he wants to pass it or he has poor ball distribution statistics, then the first-touch pass will not be as effective and will likely be intercepted.

    The alteration means shutting down passing lanes and pressing your opponents can result in a quick turnover if an opponent is forced to use a first-touch pass.

  3. Aerial duels are no longer just decided by height

    #3 Aerial duels are no longer just decided by height

    In previous versions, the taller player would almost always win an aerial duel - but not this time around.

    Positioning, jockeying and timing of the button press will have a crucial impact in whether you win a high ball contest - not just height.

    It gives you the ability to send a lofted pass into a smaller attacker and win the contest against taller opponent - if you get your angle and timing right.


  4. The Champions League anthem

    #4 The Champions League anthem

    Is there a better song in world football?

    Many of us get goosebumps as we hear the Champions League anthem before two of Europe's strongest clubs duel in the world's premier club competition.

    Now with EA acquiring the rights to the tournament, you can hear the anthem to pump you up just before you play a match of FIFA 19.

    The Europa League and Spanish La Liga licences have also been acquired for that added realism experience.



  5. No rules mode
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    #5 No rules mode

    This might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I've had several people who aren't football fans excited about FIFA 19 for this very reason.

    Within the kickoff mode, 'House Rules' allows for choosing whatever rules you want...or don't want for a single match.

    This includes turning off fouls, bookings and offside, or even only allowing a certain method of scoring, such as heading, for goals to count.

    I guess there will be a little satisfaction in constantly dodging the ridiculous slide tackles from your mate before getting the W - instead of the traditional belting you hand out;


  6. The inclusion of Active Touch

    #6 The inclusion of Active Touch

    With defenders able to close your passing lanes and apply a press to you when in possession, the ability to master Active Touch is crucial.

    When the ball is coming to you at the top of the area, you can disguise your first touch by making a movement toward the approaching defender, but letting the ball run to receive it in a bit of space.

    This allows space to get a shot away or make pass to another teammate, instead of being closed down and under pressure.

    There is other Active Touch methods to master such as dummies, flicks, traps and feints.



  7. Dynamic Tactics on the run
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    #7 Dynamic Tactics on the run

    You've managed to grind out a 1-0 lead against an opponent that's probably better than you.

    In previous FIFA versions, you would flip your team to all out defence and hope to hold on.

    Now you can create a tactical plan for each style of play, whether it be ultra defensive, defensive, balanced, attacking or ultra attacking.

    This means you can create a plan to suit your players and style when wanting to preserve a lead - whether that involves dropping back and maintaining possession, or going long to relieve pressure.

    Or you could set your players up in the way that suits your attackers when chasing an equaliser or a winner by making such adjustments as increasing the team's width and getting more players forward.