Spain's World Cup-winning coach Jorge Vilda to be investigated as part of criminal case against Luis Rubiales

According to Independent, the former coach has been summoned by a court as part of the probe which involves the former Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) president for kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the World Cup 2023 medal ceremony.

Vilda, along with two other federation officials, are summoned as investigated parties, with the court date set for October 10.

Three national team players, including Alexia Putellas, Irene Paredes, and Misa Rodríguez, have already submitted their statements as witnesses.

Rubiales is accused of sexual assault and coercion for the kiss, which, according to a recent sexual consent law, could lead to a fine or a prison sentence of one to four years if found guilty.

The new law eliminated the distinction between "sexual harassment" and "sexual assault," penalising any unconsented sexual act.

Vilda, who was replaced as coach shortly after the World Cup, has been accused of allegedly attempting to persuade Hermoso to support Rubiales as the former president found himself in the eye of a storm of controversy in the aftermath of the incident.

Rubiales recently resigned from his role as the president of RFEF and had earlier been suspended by FIFA.