PKNS FC reward Razali and Aina with season-long VIP tickets

PKNS Facebook Page
PKNS FC has promised to improve their efficiency immediately after the issues with Razali Sahran and his disabled daughter, Aina went viral online

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After the case of Razali Sahran and his wheel-chair bound daughter, Aina went viral in social media recently, PKNS FC has invited Razali and Aina to attend PKNS FC training session yesterday.

Other than that, Aina also received the team’s mafla and a VIP invite to attend all PKNS matches this season.

Taken from PKNS official facebook page, they said: “Following the security and the facilities issues for disabled people that went viral recently, PKNS FC has invited Selangor’s die hard fans, Razali and his daughter to come to our training session earlier.”

“We promised that we will be more alert when dealing with such issues at Shah Alam Stadium and will work together with the security to ensure that such case will not happen again.”

Razali and Aina’s case went viral when Razali posted the story on how they were not allowed to sit on the track, nearby the field for the game between PKNS FC and Selangor recently.

In his facebook status, Razali explained: “Rela and Police have given us the clearence to watch the game from the track and Ain was very happy at that time.”

“However, around 430pm, we were ordered by the security guards that we are not allowed to be at the track area.”

“I explained to them that we already got the permission, but they insisted on removing us from the area, and followed us until we left the track.”

Though in the end he got the approval and managed to return back to the track and watched the game, Razali explained he was dissapointed with what happened and feel disheartened to come and watch any other matches at the satdium anymore.

“I feel very dissapointed because there are still officials or the public who are ignorant with the need of peole with disability (OKU).”

“I did this so that the everyone needs to know the OKU’s rights and not just blindly asked us to leave the place without any proper inquiries.”

“I respect the authorities, but I don’t feel the love anymore,” added Razali.


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