FIFA Ultimate Team: 50 best & funniest FUT team names

Getty/EA Sports

It’s an agonising decision, isn’t it? The newest edition of FIFA is out and you’re setting up your Ultimate Team, but you need a club name.

You might not know your online opponents, but your FUT team name is how you show them you mean business early doors. You know your football and your clever wordplay shows you’ve got a quick mind and aren’t to be trifled with on the virtual pitch.

Some players prefer to go down the overconfident trolling route, but let’s be honest – when you’re being outplayed, 5-0 down at half-time and your own team name pops up as ‘U Mad?’ every time the scoreboard flashes up, the joke is firmly on you.

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But coming up with the right pun on your favourite team or player can be a lot of pressure. Sometimes your mind just goes blank.

Luckily, Goal is here to give you some inspiration with our pick of the best 50 names for your FIFA Ultimate Team club.

50. Turkish De Ligt

49. Lahmageddon

48. Sons of Pitches

47. Pjanic At The Isco

Miralem Pjanic Juventus

46. Going Toulouse

45. Bacuna Matata

44. Not Got A Kalou

43. Boca Seniors

42. Baines on Toast

41. Run The Kewells

40. Real Sosobad

39. Ctrl Alt De Laet

38. Boom Xhakalaca

Lacazette Xhaka Arsenal 2020

37. Ansu FUTi

36. Lord of the Ings

35. Krul and the Gang

34. FC Copenbadly

33. Lads On Toure

32. For Fuchs Sake

31. Tea & Busquets

Sergio Busquets Barcelona 2019-20

30. Salt and Pepe

29. Ninja Skrtels

28. Sheffield Thursday

27. Robben You Blind

26. Game of Stones

25. Delph & Safety

24. CamavingaBoys

23. Show Me Da Mane

22. Dukes of Hazard

Eden Hazard Real Madrid 2019-20

21. Enter Shaqiri

20. Schneiderlin DMs

19. Haaland Security

18. It Is Howedes

17. My Little Bony

16. Nice to Michu

15. Men Behaving Chadli

Nacer Chadli Belgium 2018

14. Mean Goals

13. Leave My Arcelona

12. Ibracadabra

11. Pepe Pig

10. Borussia Teeth

9. Blink 1 Eto'o

8. Bayer Neverlosen

7. Part Vole

6. Giroud Sandstorm

Olivier Giroud Chelsea 2019-20

5. Tekkerslovakia

4. Reus Krispies

3. Cesc Pistols

2. Pique Blinders

1. Balotellitubbies

Mario Balotelli, Brescia