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Dortmund evacuate HQ after discovery of envelope full of icing sugar!

20:44 EAT 15/03/2017
HD Andre Schurrle Dortmund
Fears of a chemical attack on the club were raised on Wednesday, but the substance in question was eventually found to be harmless

Borussia Dortmund's headquarters were evacuated on Wednesday after the discovery of a white powder that turned out to be harmless icing sugar!

The offices in Rheinlanddamm were forced into lockdown when employees found an envelope full of a suspicious substance. 

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Up to 40 firefighters were called in to the HQ as fears of a chemical terror attack, similar to those reported in 2001 in the United States, grew. 

That famous outbreak centred around the sending of envelopes filled with the poisonous substance to two Democrat senators and several media outlets. 

But happily, the Bundesliga club's scare turned out to be an elaborate hoax. 

Big thanks to the Dortmund fire brigade. We recieved a suspicious envelope with white powder today," Dortmund said in a statement.

"For security reasons, we evacuated the building completely for about one hour. The powder was investigated in a mobile laboratory.

"We got the results at 17:20: icing sugar. Right now, all Borussia staff are working again."