Could we see a two-time winner at FUT Champions Cup January?

It's time for this month's FIFA 19 major as F2Tekkz and MSdossary travel to Bucharest in hopes of their second FUT Champions Cup this season

It's time once again for the monthly FUT Champions Cup and this month sees the tournament return to Bucharest, Romania as the road to the eWorld Cup continues.

The winner will take home $50,000 and 1,500 Global Series Points which could make a huge difference in the leaderboards. With a gap of over 500 points over the PlayStation leader, Donovan 'F2Tekkz' Hunt currently leads the Xbox and global leaderboards with 3585 points.

Tekkz was on fire at the start of the season, winning the first FUT Champions Cup of the season before taking the PGL cup a week later - both tournaments were in Bucharest. Now the young Englishman is returning to his old stomping ground and will be looking to reignite that flame that has cooled off slightly in recent tournaments. The last two tournaments were both in the Gfinity Arena, the FUT Champions Cup December and Gfinity FIFA series, which saw Tekkz narrowly miss out in the Xbox championships both times.

He'll be hoping to earn his revenge against reigning eWorld Cup champion Mossad 'MSdossary' Aldossary who defeated him in the Xbox final of the last FUT Champions Cup, but that's no easy task. MSdossary is the first, and currently only, player to have ever won a major title in three consecutive seasons. The Saudi Arabian is a master of both consoles, making him a nightmare for PlayStation competitors.

Tekkz may be the number ranked player in the world but MSdossary will be the favourite here.

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Speaking of the PlayStation side, the PS4 champion of the last two tournaments Nicolas 'Nicolas99' Villalba hasn't qualified for the tournament - giving the rest of the division a huge opportunity for silverware. In fact, only two of the top 10 from the PlayStation leaderboards have qualified: Nicolas' team-mate Tim 'TheStrxnger' Katnawatos and last year's eWorld Cup runner-up Stefano Pinna from PSV.

Last week at the Gfinity FIFA Series, Nicolas became the first PlayStation player to win a cross-console final since the 2017 eClub World Cup. That win was a huge boost for the division and should make the PlayStation players even hungrier this weekend.

The action kicks off on Friday, January 25 at 12pm CET and concludes on Sunday, January 27. As the first major FIFA tournament of 2019, it promises to be a must-watch competition.