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'Seeing Lionel Messi is the same as seeing Michael Jordan!' - Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell joined by likes of Prince Harry and LeBron James as dozens of celebrities turn out for LAFC vs Inter Miami

  • Ferrell expresses excitement over Messi
  • Messi compared to legendary Jordan
  • Celebrity guest list 39-persons long

WHAT HAPPENED? Los Angeles FC co-owner Will Ferrell spoke with the Apple TV commentary staff prior to LAFC vs Inter Miami and Lionel Messi, with the 56-year-old comedy legend expressing excitement ahead of the clash.

The match had been building excitement all week and ahead of kickoff, the celebrity guest list was 39-persons long, ranging from music legends, professional athletes, actors and of course, Prince Harry himself.


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WHAT THEY SAID: "There's really nothing quite like it. I've had people reaching out to me back in May...This is so cool for MLS, this is so cool LAFC and the entire league, it's great!," Ferrell said. " It's a chance for the guys to really step up in this playoff atmosphere and kind of show he [Messi] may be one of the best players in the world but are we one of the best teams."

"I would put money on the fact that the 3252 [LAFC Supporter's section} are not going to let anyone with a pink jersey [Inter Miami] get too loud, they will control the tempo of what the atmosphere is like in this stadium."

"This is one of the coolest things I've been a part of [LAFC ownership], and I've been a part of a lot of special things -- but this is special alone because as a a family we've gotten to share what this team has meant to MLS, what it has meant to the community here in LA and it's a really point of pride."

Ferrell predicted a 3-2 victory for his LAFC: "Miami has to lose at some point, it might as well be here."

Hollywood actor Owen Wilson joined Apple TV pregame too stating: "I saw Michael Jordan one time and this is like the same thing," when speaking on Messi against his beloved LAFC.

THE GOSSIP: The celebrities, along with Ferrell, came out in full force Sunday evening with an epic guest list shown ahead of the match. In addition to the LAFC co-owner, the likes of Ted Lasso himself - Jason Sudeikis - and professional athletes James Harden, Lebron James, Mookie Betts, Magic Johnson and Clayton Kershaw.

The Hollywood stars came to see the celebrity of all celebrities, and the kid from La Masia put on a show that even Hollywood itself was not ready for.


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WHAT NEXT FOR WILL FERRELL AND LAFC?: Following Sunday's emphatic victory over LAFC, Miami will now look ahead to Saturday's match against Sporting KC, although Messi and several others won't be involved due to international duty.

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