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Listed: From Ronaldo to Richarlison - all the World Cup man of the match awards & how they're decided

While choosing the best player from a minimum of 22 is a decision often shrouded in debate, this winter's World Cup has seen a few arguable selections across the first round of group matches. Behind this change could be the tournament's new selection process for the award, which includes the heavy involvement of fans online.

Budweiser's Player of the Match trophy is awarded through a public vote on the FIFA+ website. The window opens between the 60th and 88th minute of each game, in which fans from across the globe can cast their thoughts for each match's star player. Users are limited to one vote per match, and must be of legal age to register in order to be able to participate.

There is no way of policing whether fans are watching the games in question, though, meaning several awards were handed to players that were arguably less deserving. Here is a look at all the man of the match winners across the tournament so far, and what each player did to deserve it.

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