'He doesn't look at the goal!' - How training routine with Paul Mullin left teenage Wrexham striker Louis Lloyd absolutely stunned

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  • Dragons striker boasts remarkable record
  • Helped to fire the club to promotion
  • Trying to help youngsters improve their game

WHAT HAPPENED? The Dragons have one of the most prolific strikers outside of the Premier League on their books at SToK Racecourse, with former League Two Golden Boot winner Mullin registering 79 goals for them through 97 appearances. Of that tally, 47 came in the record-breaking promotion-winning campaign of 2022-23. Mullin has become a superstar in North Wales, and a name now being recognised around the world courtesy of the documentary series put in place by club co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, with those working with the talented 28-year-old left stunned by his remarkable skill set.

WHAT THEY SAID: Lloyd, who rejoined Wrexham in November 2022 following a successful trial spell, has told the RobRyanRed podcast of the lessons that he is trying to take from Mullin: “All of the strikers, watching them in training is key for me – taking little things from them, seeing what they do to help make myself better. I can recall one moment, just doing a shooting practice with Mulls. I was wondering how he looks at the goal before he shoots, and he was like ‘I don’t’. I was like, ‘oh’. I thought ‘what?’. He doesn’t look at it, he just knows where it is. It might take me a bit of time to get that one – a few air shots trying to practice that one, but it’s just little things and trying to put them in your game.”

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Mullin’s efforts in 2022-23 helped to fire Wrexham to the National League title, meaning that they will be competing on a Football League stage again next season for the first time in 15 years.

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WHAT NEXT? Mullin, who was among those to enjoy a post-season party in Las Vegas that was paid for by Reynolds and McElhenney, will have a key role to play for Phil Parkinson’s side in 2023-24 – although more marquee signings are expected in the summer transfer window.