The top 50 funniest fantasy football team names

Put the finishing touches on your team ahead of the new Premier League season with our list of the most amusing football-related puns and jokes

You've signed up to play fantasy football, carefully selected your squad, designed a kit and then... the dreaded team name screen hits you.

We've all been there - spending far, far longer than is healthy trying to devise some kind of witty football-related pun with which to draw a laugh or two from the rest of the league.

As Premier League fantasy football games get under way ahead of the new season, Goal is here to save you some time and energy.

We've collected the 50 funniest (family friendly) fantasy football team names. Have a quick read of these and you'll have your fantasy football side sorted in no time!

50. Neuer Gonna Give You up

Manuel Neuer Germany

49. Dolly Barton

48. Hit Me Bebe One More Time

47. Pjanic at the Disco

46. You Petr Cech Yourself

45. Pepe Pig

44. For Fuchs Sake

43. Tinchy Sneijder

42. Obi-Wan Iwobi

41. One Flew Over Lukaku's Nest

40. When Harry Met Alli

Dele Alli Harry Kane

39. Ospina Colada

38. Dukes of Hazard

37. Willian Dollar Baby

36. Enter Shaqiri

35. Chicken Tikka Mo Salah

34. Game of Stones

33. Giroud Let the Dogs out?

32. Pique-boo!

31. All the Smallings

30. Gylfi Pleasures

Gylfi Sigurdsson Everton

29. Kroos Control

28. Murder on Zidane's floor

27. The Zarate Kid

26. Bacuna Matata

25. Pique Blinders

24. Baines on Toast

23. Blink-1 Eto'o

22. Riders of Yohan

21. Egg Fried Reus

20. Men Behaving Chadli

Worst PL Team of the Week Nacer Chadli

19. Dirty Sanchez

18. Absolutely Fabregas

17. Cesc and the City

16. Balotelli-Tubbies

15. Boom Xhakalaka

14. Neville Wears Prada

13. Klopps and Robbers

12. No Weimann No Cry

11. Lord of the Ings

10. Guns ’N Moses

Victor Moses

9. Ayew Ready?

8. The Wizard of Ozil

7. Flying Without Ings

6. Benteke Fried Chicken

5. Show Me Da Mane

4. Game of Throw-ins

3. Ctrl Alt De Laet

2. Who Ate All Depays?

1. Lallanas in Pyjamas

Adam Lallana England World Cup qualifying