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That Peter Crouch film: Release date, trailer & how to watch Amazon Prime documentary

GOAL brings you everything you need to know about the latest football docuseries, which focuses on one of England's most prolific goal scorers as Crouch relishes his journey after 25 years of signing his first professional contract.

Football films have earned themselves a massive audience in recent years and Crouch is the latest entrant who has bagged himself a movie.

The 90 minutes movie revolves around how a player who was termed a 'misfit' in the Premier League slowly and steadily silenced every doubter on his way to becoming one of the most iconic goal scorers in the league.

Crouch who will be remembered for his jaw-dropping goals, shunting replies, and lanky figure, clarifies in his story how he reached the top stage in English football and most importantly how he prepared himself at every moment when his back was against the wall.

GOAL takes a look at what it's about, how to watch it and more. 

What is 'That Peter Crouch Film'?

'That Peter Crouch Film' is a one and half hour movie focused on the life of the former Stoke City and Liverpool striker and how he established himself as one of the most likeable names in the football fraternity.

The story puts light on how a tall, lanky, all-arms and legs player shunted at every step by almost every club he signed for, proved his doubters wrong and how he overcame the problems he faced as a professional footballer.


The movie explains the lows and highs a footballer experiences throughout their journey putting the spotlight on Crouch's career. From being booed by the English fans in 2005 (something Crouch describes as the lowest point in his career) to redeeming himself in front of the same set of fans in the 2006 World Cup, viewers can expect a roller-coaster of emotions throughout the show.

'That Peter Crouch Film' features some of the biggest names the forward met in his life from Harry Redknapp to Steven Gerard and some of his family members who stuck by him throughout his journey. When asked about his career Crouch calls it a "different kind of success story because it hasn’t been plain sailing", and the goal drought he had at Liverpool is a perfect example of the lows the former striker talks about.

But like he silenced his doubters at every other step during his career, this documentary is also a reflection of the same. And his podcast 'That Peter Crouch Podcast' which has garnered over 60 million followers and Therapy With Crouch'- where he elaborates on his relationship with his wife Clancy- play a huge role in getting the documentary the much-needed success it needs and deserves.

When was 'That Peter Crouch Film' Released?

'That Peter Crouch Film' was released on the 22nd of June 2023 worldwide.

Viewers can take a dip into the life of Peter Crouch and witness how he availed himself at every step and how difficult it is for a footballer to play in the Premier League just before the new season of England's showpiece event kicks off in August.

How can I watch 'That Peter Crouch Film'?

'That Peter Crouch Film' can be streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Prime Video is a subscription service and new users can sign up here.

In the UK, subscribers can get access to a 30-day free trial and it costs £8.99 a month after that. In the US, Prime Video is priced at $14.99 a month.

Users are free to cancel their subscriptions at any time.

Does Amazon have other football documentaries?

Amazon Prime Video has a wealth of documentaries focused on football giving an insight into the life of the players and teams.

'All or Nothing: Manchester City was one of the first football documentaries that started the hype around football teams which was followed by 'All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspurs' and the latest addition to the catalogue is 'All or Nothing: Arsenal'.

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard had a documentary created after him titled 'Make Us Dream' letting viewers witness the veteran's illustrious career and how he established himself as a legend of the game.

While Manchester United and England's former player Wayne Rooney also has an Amazon Original created after him taking a dip into the 16-year-long career of the mammoth of the game.