Soccer Manager 2024

Soccer Manager 2024: Release date, price, features & how to play

Every football fan has their idea of a dream team and you can build exactly that on Soccer Manager 2024.

Whether you want to embed Manchester City's global dominance in the game or start from the very bottom and scale the heights, SM24 lets you do it all.

Here, GOAL brings you everything you need to know about Soccer Manager 2024.

What is Soccer Manager 2024?

Release date:September 28, 2023
Price:Free download
Devices:Android & iOS devices

Soccer Manager 2024 is the latest iteration of the globally popular football management simulation series that is available to play on mobile devices. To date, the series has been played by over 60 million players worldwide and has truly established itself as one of the leading football management simulation games on mobile. Players can take charge of club or international teams and build their tactics to deliver glory.

When is Soccer Manager 2024 released?

Soccer Manager 2024 was released on September 28, 2023, so it is out now and available to play.

Soccer Manager 2024 price: How much does it cost?

Soccer Manager 2024 is free to download and play.

Which devices can Soccer Manager 2024 be played on?

Soccer Manager 2024 can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.

What features does Soccer Manager 2024 have?

Soccer Manager 2024 players can take control at one of over 900 clubs in 54 leagues across 36 countries around the world. Official FIFPRO-licenced football players with accurate attributes can be bought, sold, and managed on a path to success. Along with transfers, players can choose training, tactics and formations for their team, as well as developing club facilities as they progress.

In Soccer Manager 2024 a number of improvements and new features have been added to the game, to make this the most in-depth iteration yet.

International Management

New this year, international teams can also be managed in major qualifiers and tournaments against the best international teams across the continent and indeed the world adding a new layer to the user experience.

Create Your Own Club

If Soccer Manager fans want to truly prove their management credentials, then they can forge their own legend by creating a completely new club and starting at the bottom. By proving their management genius, players can succeed in ascending to the very top leagues and competitions with superstars they have bought, or wonderkids they have talent-spotted and grown into world-leading professionals.

Enhanced 3D Match Engine

Users can now witness the action unfold in the enhanced 3D match engine like never before! In addition to the visual upgrades, the newest match engine is even more accurate and responsive to player changes, tactics and formations.

State Of The Art Transfer System

Soccer Manager’s dynamic live transfer market allows you to intelligently decide which players to bring in as you build your dream squad. Rapid player contract negotiation and resolution adds to the realism and immersion.

Soccer Manager 2024 licences

Following the recent announcement of a multi-year licencing agreement with Manchester City, Soccer Manager 2024 features existing multi-year worldwide agreements with partners including but not limited to, the Deutsche Fußball Liga, the continued partnership with elite manager and global ambassador Mikel Arteta, and a wide-ranging official FIFPRO player licence. There are over 25,000 fully licensed players on Soccer Manager 2024, spread across 35 different countries and 900 clubs, allowing users to manage their favourite football stars.

Soccer Manager 2024 is the ultimate official FIFPRO licensed football management game on mobile, available to download from the App Store and Google Play store now.