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How many years will it take Wrexham to get to the Premier League?

The meteoric rise of Wrexham, a Welsh football club currently playing in the English Football League Two, has captured the imagination of fans worldwide.

With Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney at the helm, the club harbours ambitious dreams of reaching the pinnacle of English football – the Premier League. But how long will it take to achieve this lofty goal?

How many years for Wrexham to get to Premier League?

In the realm of football, fairy tale stories are not uncommon. Teams have defied expectations and rapidly ascended through the ranks, reaching the Premier League in a relatively short timeframe.

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If Wrexham can secure back-to-back promotions, they could find themselves in the Premier League as early as the 2026/27 season. This would require consecutive promotions from League Two, League One, and the Championship, a challenging yet achievable task.

What do Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney say about Wrexham's Premier League ambition?

While Reynolds and McElhenney have expressed their unwavering belief in Wrexham's potential to reach the Premier League, they have also acknowledged the long-term nature of this endeavour. They have consistently described the club's journey as a 'multi-decade project', emphasising the importance of sustainable growth and development.

Deadpool actor Reynolds had told S4C: “Of course, our aim is to reach the Premier League. Why not? If it takes five years or 20 years, that's the goal. The most challenging thing about that would be the need to revamp the stadium, but that would be a really nice problem to have.”

Co-owner McElhenney added: “From our point of view, this is a march towards the English Premier League. Nobody believes that it will be easy or that it is going to happen in the next few years.”

Long-term goals were drawn up at Wrexham from the moment that a stunning takeover of the club was completed in 2021, with impressive progress being made in a short period of time.

Reynolds added on the team’s mission statement: “One of the earliest parts of what we were aiming for was for Wrexham to be a global force. That work has not yet been completed but we are on the way towards achieving that. When I walk with my children to school there are 10 or 15 people saying 'Go Wrexham!' - sometimes quietly or with enthusiasm.

"So the aim is to continue to grow Wrexham's name at home and around the world. It's an amazing story and it's a privilege to be a part of it. That's what Rob and I keep talking about - how to continue to build on all aspects of this.”

This cautious approach aligns with the reality of the English football pyramid, where each division presents its own unique challenges. Achieving consistent success across multiple tiers requires a combination of financial resources, astute management, and a strong sporting infrastructure.

What experts say about Wrexham in the Premier League

Football pundits and former players have weighed in on Wrexham's Premier League aspirations, offering a range of perspectives. While some believe the club's trajectory is promising, others caution against unrealistic expectations.

Former Chelsea defender Frank Sinclair, who had a stint with the Welsh side late in his career, had said: “I wouldn’t be surprised if they got to the Premier League. I don’t think that it’s something they could do in the next 5-10 years, but if you give them a realistic time frame of within the next 10 years, you’d say it’s doable.

"Look how long it took Leicester City to get back to the Premier League after being relegated (in 2004), I think it took them 11 seasons to get back up. So, 10 years in football can go quite quickly."

Wrexham boss Phil Parkinson opined: "Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds have always said they want to take Wrexham to the Premier League.

"People may think they’re getting carried away with themselves, but when you look at teams like Luton Town and Bournemouth who have made it into the Premier League, it’s not impossible.

“That’s the beauty of the pyramid structure – anything can be achieved. There’s a pathway to get there. It’s not about running before you can walk, it’s about putting the structure in place and building a culture and identity. We have to be prepared for some ups and downs along the journey. I’m always thinking about winning the next game, but the club will ultimately be thinking about getting as far as they can.”

How other clubs achieved Premier League promotion quickly?

Wrexham can draw inspiration from several clubs that have successfully navigated the English football pyramid and reached the Premier League. Swansea City, a fellow Welsh club, provides a particularly encouraging example. They rose from the fourth tier to the Premier League in just seven seasons between 2004 and 2011.

Luton Town have a similar story to tell. After securing four promotions in 10 seasons, Luton became a Premier League side in the 2023-24 season.

Their success can be attributed to their focus on squad development, astute recruitment, and a clear philosophy. Their journey serves as a testament to the possibility of rapid ascent in English football.

Wrexham's path to the Premier League will undoubtedly be challenging and unpredictable. However, the club's passionate fanbase, determined ownership, and promising players provide a solid foundation for success.

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