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'Eto'o, this is unacceptable' - Video of Cameroon legend kicking man has fans in uproar

14:36 SAST 2022/12/06
Samuel Eto'o
The incident happened on Monday night after the match between Brazil and South Korea and fans have taken to their social media to voice their opinions

A video has been trending online capturing Fecafoot president Samuel Eto'o kicking a man outside a stadium in Qatar.

The Cameroon legend is seen taking selfies with some fans after Brazil's 4-1 win over South Korea in the World Cup's Round of 16 game played on Monday night at the 974 Stadium.

A man emerges with a camera and seemingly confronts Eto'o and utters something that might have provoked the former striker.

The former Barcelona and Inter Milan star then surges towards the man and knees him to the ground as seen in the footage.

No finer details have been communicated on what exactly transpired, but many fans have had their say about the incident.

  • GFX Eto'o fan

    There's more to that harassment

    Not justifying what Eto’o did though, but there is probably more to that harassment. This video doesn’t fully explain the story - Sir Melky

  • Samuel Eto'o Cameroon

    Eto'o is human

    If you have not been falsely accused at the detriment of your reputation before, then don’t comment here. I know a man like Eto’o should be used to letting things go as a household name, but then, you don’t know what was going on in his mind at that time. He’s human after all - Richardson

  • Samuel Eto'o

    Eto'o pained after a failed Cameroon, Morocco final?

    The pain of losing after predicting the finals from his bedroom - Prophetic Osagie Ohenzuwa

  • Samuel Eto'o fight

    He was harassed

    Harassment is a crime and self-defense against harassment is not a crime. You could see the guy in front of Eto'o blocking him and harassing him with questions - Dr. Nnanyelugo

  • Samuel Eto'o Cameroon Qatar

    Eto'o has been a cool person

    Eto'o has been in front of the Camera for the majority of his life and has always been a cool person. Even as a player, Eto'o was never aggressive so for him to act that way you can only imagine how much that guy got on his nerves. Man, we often act as if these celebrities are not human too - Da Stally

  • Eto'o fight

    It was not right to kick the man

    He is a famous man, he inspires millions across the globe including me and that comes with responsibilities! He did bad to kick that man! That’s the honest truth - Jacob Otema Alimadi

  • Samuel Eto'o

    It was a trap

    Unfortunately, Eto’o fell. This was a big trap. This is how that man intended him to react & he fell for it. Eto’o has a lot to lose, absolute no? - Puems

  • Samuel Eto'o

    Apology necessary?

    Eto'o this is unacceptable. You need to apologise with an immediate effect - Supa Gideon

  • Samuel Eto'o

    Eto'o regrets his action

    Samuel Eto’o is human too and he let the heat of the moment overwhelm him, I am sure he regrets what he did and would apologize - Osemenor Ighedo

  • Aleksandar Mitrovic Serbia Cameroon 2022 World Cup

    Eto'o should assess Cameroon's level

    It's good to have a moderate assessment of one's level. How did Eto'o imagine Cameroon would go further than they went, considering the nations involved? - Mshell Levi