Banyana, Bafana HICGOAL

Bafana Bafana vs Banyana Banyana: Five reasons why Desiree Ellis' team is miles better than Hugo Broos' side

Bafana and Banyana may don the same colours made of the same fabric as they represent the same nation, but these are two national teams who are cut from different cloths.

Banyana, the so-called stepchild of the South African Football Association, have been at the receiving end of unwanted child treatment as compared to their male counterparts.

They make far less than what Bafana players get paid and even though the ladies have proved time and time again that they are much better on the field, Safa still tends to show a middle finger to Banyana.

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Their latest stand-off was when the association organized a below-par venue for a Fifa Women's World Cup send-off, and Desiree Ellis' side did well to stage a mini-brawl with the association.