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Where to watch & stream MLS games live in 2024

Major League Soccer has had an ever-growing increase in viewership over the last half-decade, with the quality of the league on the rise. After years of lagging behind other sports in the United States, soccer at the highest level has finally started catching up and taking over. In 2022, over 10 million people attended MLS games in stadiums all across the United States and Canada.

A massive set of eyeballs are peering into the North American soccer scene and live telecasts and streaming options have already had a great amount of discussion all around the globe, especially with the major broadcasting deal that has been signed between the MLS and Apple TV.

Here is everything you need to know about where and how you can watch MLS from the comfort of your couch.

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How to watch & stream MLS games on TV & online

The good news for MLS fans came in early in 2023 as Apple TV and Major League Soccer announced a 10-year broadcasting deal that would allow for the league to be streamed all across the world. A simple MLS Season Pass on Apple TV is all you need to watch every single MLS game, including the play-offs.

In the U.S., 34 regular season games, eight playoff games, and the MLS Cup final will also be televised on Fox/FS1 and Fox Deportes, with the select lot of games also shown on Fubo and Sling TV.

In Canada, TSN has the right to broadcast 68 regular season games that may be seen on TSN and RDS.

U.S. TV channel & stream: MLS Season Pass on Apple TV / FS1/Fox Deportes/Fubo/Sling TV
Canada TV channel & stream:MLS Season Pass on Apple TV / TSN
UK TV channel & stream: MLS Season Pass on Apple TV
Highlights (US & Canada)Apple TV
Highlights (international): Apple TV

Highlights of MLS games will be free to watch on Apple TV as fans can also replay the entire game of their choice at their behest.

Subscribers of MLS Season Pass will also be able to stream certain MLS Next and Next Pro games, as well as the Leagues Cup (a tournament between MLS and Mexican Liga MX clubs).

How much does a MLS Season Pass cost?

For Apple TV+ subscribers, the MLS Season Pass is available for $12.99 per month or $79 per season, while non-subscribers can get a pass online for $14.99 per month or $99 per season.

Upcoming MLS games on TV

You can see a list of the upcoming MLS games below.

DateGameKick-Off Time (EDT)
May 25Atlanta vs LAFC7:30 pm
May 25Charlotte vs Philadelphia7:307:30 pm pm
May 25D.C. vs Chicago7:30 pm
May 25Montréal vs Nashville7:30pm
May 25New England vs New York City7:30 pm
May 25Orlando vs Columbus7:30 pm
May 25Toronto vs Cincinnati7:30 pm
May 25Dallas vs Salt Lake9:00 pm
May 25St. Louis vs Seattle9:00 pm
May 25Colorado vs Minnesota10:00 pm
May 25LA vs Houston11:00 pm
May 25Portland vs Kansas City11:00 pm
May 25San Jose vs Austin11:00 pm
May 25Vancouver vs Miami11:00 pm
May 29Cincinnati vs Nashville7:30 pm
May 29Miami vs Atlanta7:30 pm
May 29Montréal vs D.C.7:30 pm
May 29New York vs Charlotte7:30 pm
May 29Philadelphia vs Toronto7:30 pm
May 29Austin vs Portland9:00 pm
May 29Chicago vs Orlando9:00 pm
May 29Houston vs Colorado9:00 pm
May 29Kansas City vs Vancouver9:00 pm
May 29LA vs Dallas11:00 pm
May 29Seattle vs Salt Lake11:00 pm
May 29LAFC vs Minnesota11:15 pm
May 31New York City vs San Jose7:30 pm
Jun 1D.C. vs Toronto7:30 pm
Jun 1Miami vs St. Louis7:30 pm
Jun 1New York vs Orlando7:30 pm
Jun 1Philadelphia vs Montréal7:30 pm
Jun 1Chicago vs LA9:00 pm
Jun 1Minnesota vs Kansas City9:00 pm
Jun 1Nashville vs New England9:00 pm
Jun 1Salt Lake vs Austin10:00 pm
Jun 1LAFC vs Dallas11:00 pm
Jun 1Portland vs Houston11:00 pm
Jun 1Vancouver vs Colorado11:00 pm
Jun 2Atlanta vs Charlotte5:45 pm
Jun 8New England vs New York5:30 pm
Jun 8Kansas City vs Seattle6:30 pm
Jun 8Minnesota vs Dallas6:30 pm
Jun 8St. Louis vs Portland6:30 pm
Jun 14New York City vs Columbus7:30 pm
Jun 15Atlanta vs Houston7:30 pm
Jun 15Charlotte vs D.C.7:30 pm
Jun 15Montréal vs Salt Lake7:30 pm
Jun 15New England vs Vancouver5:00 pm
Jun 15New York vs Nashville5:00 pm
Jun 15Orlando vs LAFC7:30 pm
Jun 15Philadelphia vs Miami7:30 pm
Jun 15Toronto vs Chicago7:30 pm
Jun 15Dallas vs St. Louis8:30 pm
Jun 15Colorado vs Austin9:30 pm
Jun 15LA vs Kansas City10:30 pm
Jun 15San Jose vs Cincinnati10:30 pm
Jun 15Seattle vs Minnesota10:30 pm

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