Why are Everton called the Toffees? Meaning of Merseyside club's nickname explained

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Everton are the fourth most successful club in England's top division, winning nine league titles in their history.

Being established in 1888, Everton boast a very rich history in English football, winning numerous trophies.

The 'Toffees' is a nickname that has been synonymous with the club for more than a century now and GOAL tells you everything you need to know about the Merseyside club's famous nickname

Why are Everton called the Toffees?

It all started with a legend of two sweet shops inextricably linked to the origins of Everton Football Club.

It starts with the Everton Toffee shop owned by Molly Bushell, which was located near Anfield where Everton started their journey.

The shop sold their 'Toffees' to the fans on their way to the stadium to watch Everton play.

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The second story was when Everton shifted their base from Anfield to Goodison Park in 1892.

Another 'Toffee' seller came into the picture this time when Mother Noblett’s Toffee Shop started selling their candies to the club loyalists.

The newbies introduced a new type of toffee, including white stripes of sugar, which remains popular among Everton fans to this day.

However, legend says that Molly Bushell managed to earn the right to sell her iconic toffees at Goodison Park.

The History of Goodison Park

The name of the Everton stadium is due to the Goodison road that it was built beside the ground. Goodison road was named after the civil engineer George Goodison, who constructed the street.

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All you need to know about Merseyside Derby

The rivalry between the two Merseyside clubs dates back more than a century.

It all started when the original tenants of Anfield, Everton, had to move out and build a new home in Goodison Park after a fallout with the owner of the ground, John Houlding.

Houlding went on to form Liverpool FC in the same year and that is when the rivalry first began.

The first-ever Merseyside derby was played on October 13, 1894, and Everton won the clash 3-0.

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