Tomori convinced former Chelsea team mate Abraham to move to Roma: 'Bro, this is a good league'

Fikayo Tomori AC Milan 2021-22Getty Images

AC Milan defender Fikayo Tomori says he urged ex-Chelsea team-mate Tammy Abraham to join Roma last summer.

The striker has thrived in Serie A since swapping London for the Italian capital last summer, scoring 23 goals in 40 appearances.

He followed Tomori's path by moving to Italy as the centre-back had joined Milan on loan in January 2021 before making the move permanent in the summer.

What has been said?

Tomori says he had a hand in the 24-year-old's decision to move abroad, telling The Guardian: “When he said Roma was on the table, I said: ‘Bro this is a good league’.

“I felt like it would develop his game a lot. He has scored a lot of goals this season for Roma, they’re fighting for a Champions League spot.

"Definitely it’s helped him and definitely I gave him rave reviews about Serie A because I enjoyed myself so much the first six months.”

'In Italy it’s more like American football'

Since his arrival in Italy, Tomori has noticed some big differences between football in Serie A and the way the game is played in the Premier League.

“In England, it’s more like basketball. Everything’s end-to-end, there’s more intensity, a lot more happens reactively," he said.

"In Italy it’s more like American football. It’s like you have ‘plays’. When the ball’s here, I need to be here. When the ball goes, I know I have to be two metres over in that direction, or be looking for this particular player.

“In England it’s very much off the cuff and things happen so fast. You can be attacking one minute and the next the ball’s flipped over your head and you’ve got to run back 30 yards, then you’re back on the attack.

"Here it’s more like: ‘OK, the ball’s there, where’s my teammate? Where’s the opposition?’ If the ball goes over the top I need to be in a position where I can leave the striker and get there, but if the ball goes into feet I’m in a position to go press.”

On England rejection

Despite his strong performances, Tomori has not been given much playing time for England.

The defender has just two caps to his name, making his debut in 2019 and then playing 30 minutes against Andorra last October, and he has been left out of the current team.

He acknowledges that there are a lot of big names ahead of him, but hopes to make the cut for the 2022 World Cup after missing out on a place in the Euro 2020 squad.

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"There’s just so many talented players in my position already – [Harry] Maguire, [John] Stones, [Conor] Coady, [Tyrone] Mings, [Ben] White at Arsenal – and there’s a limited amount of positions," he added.

“I just have to make sure I’m playing at a high level. And then when I do get called on, to make sure I’m ready. I have to focus on what I’m doing here at Milan first and foremost.”

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