Pahang v Kedah: All the best player reactions

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Ken Ilso, Kedah, FA Cup, 20/05/2017
Find out what the player have to say on their own performances in the FA Cup final

Read all the players reaction on the FA Cup final between Pahang and Kedah below.

Khairul Helmi
First of all congratulations to all the players, management and coaching staff.  Everyone gave their best commitment. It's hard if we don't have a team like us. I hope after this the players will be refreshed and we'll get ready for the league.

Matthew Davies
It's obviously pretty disappointing. It's heartbreaking to come this far and not follow through to win the trophy. But that's the way the final works. One team has to lose and today it was us.
He's a quick and very good player. He got in behind me and put it a good ball. Defensive mistake from my part and we paid for it. We're pretty down. It's a pretty disappointing dressing room right now. I don't know how we're going to pick ourselves up but we have to.

Syawal Nordin
I didn't expect to be able to replace Zac but I gave my best when selected. Maybe the players were too comfortable with the lead. We had chances but by not putting it away, the nerves added. This is a big motivation for us to continue to challenge in the league.

Muslim Ahmad
First half the red card was too early. We tried coming back in the second half but luck wasn't with us. The ball is round, what is important was that we gave it our all. It wasn't easy playing with 10 men.

Rizal Ghazali
I'd like to thank the players for the win. Even though second half we were a bit shaky but we still manage to did it. FA Cup was our target as we want to qualify for the AFC Cup. Although we are champions, I don't think I did well and I need to improve.

Ifwat Akmal
The game was 50-50. We didn't use the man advantage well. Just thankful that we manage to win. When they scored, we weren't focus but after Baddrol's goal, we looked better. It will be a new experience to play in the AFC Cup.

Ken Ilso
Amazing. My second trophy with Kedah in five months. The game was difficult. Pahang played a good game. We made too many mistakes. It's difficult against teams just put long balls in. One goal and one assist, it was perfect. When I was sitting outside for the last five minutes, it was difficult for the nerves but I'm glad we came through. Before the match, everyone was nervous. But it's, because their family and friends are in the tribune and they are even more nervous, and they can't do anything. But we can and we did it.