FFA enjoy ‘constructive discussions’ after governance talks

More talks are set to take place in Australia after a meeting planned to agree a new governance model failed to reach an agreement

Football Federation Australia (FFA) met with A-League club owners, state associations and Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) on Friday to discuss plans for the future of the sport in Australia.

The meeting was set up to discuss expansion plans and governance reform ahead of a potential extraordinary general meeting on March 31.

The current congress is the smallest of any Fifa nation and consists of one representative from each of the nine member federations who represent the game in their region and a Hyundai A-League representative who speaks on behalf of the clubs.

Talks were expected to focus on reforming congress with A-League clubs, in particular, keen for a greater say in the running of the game.

The meeting has the potential to change the landscape of Australian football but FFA Chairman Steven Lowy admitted after the meeting that further discussions will be needed.

“Everyone was able to explain their position today as part of a frank and very constructive discussion,” he said.

“There was discussion on many points, including the relevance of intended changes to the ownership and operating model of the Hyundai A-League to the make-up of an expanded Congress. 

“On the few matters where different views are held, everyone at the meeting agreed to go back to their own Boards to consider the path forward. Discussions will continue next week.”

The Association of Australian Football Clubs have also released a statement outlining their growing support.

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"By way of further update as we move closer to our meeting on Monday, David Gallop emailed us yesterday afternoon in advance of the FFA Congress meeting in Sydney today. He confirmed FFA is awaiting the outcome of our decisions on Monday and advised he would table our request to be included in future Congress discussions to those attending the meeting today," read a statement.

"As you can all see, in the week and a half since we formed and prior to our first meeting of members, we have gathered significant support and the full attention of FFA.

"FIFA encouraged us in our effort to become formally involved in governance, the PFA is supportive and keen to work with us and the media and other stakeholders are treating us with due respect and seriousness. FFA is waiting for us to report back to it our intentions."