VIDEO: Ronaldo's way of waking up is sublime and ridiculous

The Real Madrid forward likes to start his day right, with a spot of keepy-uppy and trick shot the ideal preparation for the challenges that lie ahead


Cristiano Ronaldo is not your average man on the street, so it stands to reason that his morning regime is a little different to the norm.

Rather than hit the snooze button a few times, bury his head under the covers and pretend that the outside world does not exist, the Real Madrid forward apparently wakes up ready to face the challenges of the day head-on.

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Already perfectly preened and alert enough to spot a football arching towards him from the corner of the bedroom, CR7 slips seamlessly between sleep and showboating.

A few keepy-uppys help to relax any tired muscles, while a trick shot through the patio door and into a tiny net ensure that the 31-year-old’s radar is fully functioning.

Presumably, he then throws on a few clothes and heads for training.

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Ronaldo’s latest video was produced in response to Chicago Bulls shooting guard Dwyane Wade.

It appears that he too likes to wake up and get straight into professional mode by shooting some hoops.

The ball is now back in Wade’s court, with Ronaldo having accepted the challenge and shown himself to be an abnormally bubbly morning person.